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Water in Muscles?

I heard something about water making up most of our muscles so if we are dehydrated we might look more flat.
But I thought bodybuilders dehydrated so they can look more lean and shredded “Ab-wise”
However, this is a stupid question but i have an urge to pee every time at the end of my workout but how come if I take a picture of my abs before posting it looks more shredded and defined as compared to after?
After I post, my abs look like crap even though my abs arent even that great to begin with but it looks 200% worse than before pushing. So I tried drinking water, doing a few crunches to get blood flowing and water into the ab muscles but they still look like shit compared to the pic before taking a pill. Any ideas?

Stop taking pictures of yourself multiple times a day. Problem solved. Or stop urinating and drinking. Homeostasis achieved.

OK are the mods deleting these pictures? This is the second post today I’ve read where it sounded like there should be picts in the OPs post but I ain’t seeing none. What gives?


I think so… unless I keep messing it up and not posting it because error?

Do you use AAS?

Ill tag @The_Mighty_Stu here, someone who has a lot more knowledge on water retention…

Imagine the cross section of a hard boiled egg, where the white part is a bunch of stuff suspended in water, and the yellow part is also a bunch of stuff suspended in water.

When you’re just in your normal state it’s like a regular egg. Dehydrated it’s like an organic egg. With some volume work and creatine it’s like a jumbo egg.

Eggs. Just like that. Yep.


You aree correct that SOME bodybuilders (those using water retaining PED’s) make use of pharmaceutical diuretics to help reduce the bloated effect they MIGHT otherwise present onstage. Natural trainers DO NOT retain water unless they are suffering some medical issue. If you are healthy, your body will maintain a balance of water outside and inside your cells. However, when your body creates and stores GLYCOGEN within your muscles, it does so in a combination of CARBOHYDRATES and WATER (I believe in a 3-4 to 1 ratio). So coupled with some sodium to facilitate the process, and assuming your body has room to store the carbs, you can “carb up” your muscles to create a fuller, and tighter (swollen muscles will push against the skin harder, creating a more ripped appearance) physique.



But how come I looked more ripped with more water? After I took the pee, i looked much less defined and more blurry

It’s been said. Quit peeing and stay shred.

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When you pee, water isn’t coming out of your muscles. It’s coming out of your bladder. Maybe your swollen bladder is causing your abs to protrude slightly further. More than likely though, you’re obsessing over something that’s in your head.

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Taking a whiz isn’t enough to cause significant difference. By that time the liquid is already long gone from the muscle and in the bladder.

The physical action of emptying your bladder might alleviate some tightness in the abdomen, but that has nothing to do with volume of intracellular fluid/fullness.

Just to pile on this sentiment. Also, if you are 200 lbs and 60% of that is water, you have 120 lbs of water. Peeing a few ounces is not significant.

I have a heard time believing this can be true. I don’t doubt this is your perception, but i do doubt it is reality.

Stop taking selfies at the urinal