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Water gain while on Mag-10

Right now I’m experiencing weight gain of about 1 pound a day after I started my mag-10 cycle (day 4 today) with myostat. Anywho I’m curious as to how water gain happens while “on” does it just pop in all at once? or more like what I’m experiencing (ie: day by day)? I know that certain roids cause massive water gain, I’m not sure whether Mag-10 has a similar effect. Any comments?

Bill has said that MAG-10 causes very little water gain. Have you by chance really increased carb intake? That can add water weight very quickly if you aren’t used to it. Plus remember, your glycogen stores are up when “on”. I’ve gained about 16 pounds on two cycles of MAG-10, lost about a pound after each cycle, but I also cut back on carbs when going off.

I did upp my carbs as well as protein hovering around 2g per pound of bodyweight, but not by a whole lot (stuffed as it is right now…). What roids that cause massive water gain? does it happen pretty much over night? or steady? curious…

As an informal result, I found by statistical analysis of various reports of weight gains as of so many days, at various days into MAG-10 cycles, that the best fit to the data is that 3 lb of weight is gained more or less immediately on MAG-10, and then an average of half a pound per day after that. (I’m sure that on a much longer cycle, e.g. 8 weeks,
the weight gain would slow down.)

This was with on average individuals reporting
little or no fat gain, and in some cases small fat loss.

So basically yes, you get a quick LBM gain followed by slower, but still fairly rapid gains.

As I recall, you’ve said that gains can still come after ceasing the use of MAG-10, possibly due to a longer duration of action than was anticipated. Despite this, have you noticed reports from users that the 3 lbs. or so that were gained immediately were lost immediately post-cycle in the first few days? My last 2 week cycle I gained 16 lbs. and after almost two weeks off I’ve dropped 4 lbs., most occurring after the initial two days off. Granted, I reduced calories by 500 on the first day off and carb intake dropped from 600g to 300g daily. Could you estimate what this 4 lbs. is that I lost? Glycogen? Water? Muscle? Fat? Thanks for any help provided Bill. I always appreciate the time you offer to the forum.