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Water Cut Before My First Official Meet

I am doing my first official powerlifting meet in 3.5 weeks. I did a meet about 6 weeks ago that was just an open competition, and I didn’t worry about weight for that, just had fun and got an idea of what it was like.

My aim is to lift in the 75kg category - that is 165lbs.

My current weight is 78kg - 172 lbs.

Do you think I am in a good position weight wise? Should I just maintain this weight until a week before then water cut? Or should I be cutting from now about 1lb a week just to make it easier?


7lbs can be done in a little more than a day. But not a good idea for 2 hour weigh in if it is. Also how tall are you if your over 5’7" I wouldnt cut the weight cause thats already light fire the height

Sorry - should have included that information

It’s a 24 hour weigh in. Weigh in Saturday morning and competiton Sunday.

So I was going to cut water Tuesday-Friday night.

I am 5ft 7

Since its a real first meet I wouldnt cut especially at your height. Youll fill out the 181 class soon enough. I’m 5’8" and cut from high 180s to the 181 class and although I look fairly big I know I’m destined to be 198+. I’m just taking my time as I’m very competitive as a 181

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I’m happy to cut for this as all year I’ve trained with this competition in mind as I have a very good chance of qualifying for the British championships in November in this weight category.

I did my first meet (an unofficial one) a couple of months ago and didn’t cut for that. However this is a full on competitive one.

I’m tempted to try and stay within the 75kg / 165lbs category permanently as I’m not amazingly strong but in that weight category I can at least have a chance of qualifying and getting somewhere. If I went up a category I would get destroyed.

Don’t cut. If you’re over about 1.65 m, IMO you’re going to do better ending up in the 181 and then 198s.

If you are competitive on the 165 class you should do decent as a 181. What kind of numbers are you at? if you do cut be prepared to not hit what you want or have to grind it. Thats what happens to me when I cut, the weight still moves it just feels heavier than normal. You don’t want to be that light at that height, its going to be hard to gain strength. I would say go in the 181s and be competitive next comp

Can you not recovery quickly though from the cut.

E.g. Cut 5-6lbs of water for the weigh in, then over the next 24 hours just eat a ton load of food and replenish yourself?

My numbers on the last competition was:

Squat: 180kg (396lbs)

Bench: 115kg (253lbs) - I could have done more I think

Deadlift: 190kg (418lbs)

**TOTAL: 485kg / 1069lbs **

My training since that competition has been really bad. Had a bad hip, and some lower back issues. It’s a bit better now, but I’ve barely lifted anything heavy since, and anything on the deadlift feels heavy.

Not sure if that sort of thing is normal following a competition

Depends how much you cut as well as the person. I cut more than I needed so I could see wha I could get away with. I went from like 188 to 175.75. When I was about 180 I still felt normal. The extra weight was from the sauna and killed me a bit. You might not have much change in strength but theres really no need to cut. I did a comp 5 years ago and totaled 1170 @ 166 cause I didn’t care what weight I was at since I was just starting.

Always go in strong. If you don’t do as well just to make a particular class, you won’t be very pleased that you just wasted all your training for that meet. The goal is not about winning a particular class, the goal is always about getting better/stronger than the last time you competed. Does anyone really care if you took first place? Prob not. You should always care more about setting PR’s in competition.