Water Consumption

I’m no biochemist so I’m just looking for some other people’s view/insights on this… For the past two years I’ve been religiously taking in 1.8-2.25 gallons of pure water a daily. However, In addition I get at least 8 cups of veggies daily, 4-5 servings of fruit, and a pint of milk. If you include the water in these foods my total daily intake (I assume) is much higher.

Am I simply wasting my time doing this? Would it be more efficient to lower that figure to around 1-1.25 gallons daily? My original motivation in starting this two years ago was to prevent extra-cellular water retention. However, since I started doing this those many months ago, I’ve haven’t really noticed any positive changes. Now I just seem to go pee more frequently and my stomach is constantly full. Prior to this I did not religiously measure my intake and I seemed to retain water LESS when I was consuming an amount closer to 1 gallon. I eat pretty much the same if not cleaner/less-refined foods too.

Maybe it’s simply in my head, but I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m a bit paranoid that my gains/physique will diminish if I reduce intake (yes, I’m a tad anal). But I’m getting sick of chugging massive amounts of water daily if I’m not getting any true health benefits. Do any of you guys have any opinions on this? Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback!


[quote]jpladers40 wrote:
Do any of you guys have any opinions on this?[/quote]
I have never read a study that compared the consumption of 1 gallon of water a day to 2 gallons.
I would imagine you would see diminishing returns at some point.

Some health gurus advocate 1 gallon a day and some advocate drinking when you are thirsty.

And as for your reasoning, I think the body adapts to water consumption quickly regulating your extra-cellular water retention whether you drink 1 gallon or 2.

My .02

I think one thing to be concerned about would be your electrolyte levels, excessive water messes with your electrolytes, I would reduce the pure water and drink some coconut water or maybe eat a few bananas (Bananas are 70% water).

That seems a bit excessive however not unheard of. I try to get at least 1 oz of water per kilo of body weight and more if I’m working out. I don’t stress over it though. I don’t know how much you weigh. I weigh about 240 and I just try to get over a gallon a day. I’ve always heard as long as your peeing clear for most of the day you’re intake is fine.

Thank you for the comments, guys. I really appreciate it. Perhaps my consumption is excessive. I think I’ll try lowering it to around a gallon and a see what happens.

Just got by your urine color… if it’s too dark for your own liking (you should know), drink more.

What kind of climate do you live in?

I drink probably a gallon and that’s here in a subtropical place.

Over 2 gallons sounds like too much.

Midwest. IL and OH

I just drink as and when I’m thirsty. I never feel dehydrated apart from after a night out drinking and that’s the only time my urine isn’t clear.