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Water Consumption with Creatine Pills?

Hallo everyone,

i read recently the following article :
Catching up on creatine
but the article didn’t mention anything about the water intake if someone takes creatine with pills(i mean how much water should someone drink at the same time he intakes the creatine).
Does it matter as much it does with the creatine in powder form?

Thanks in advance

It doesn’t matter at all because, other than pills being less efficient than powder, you’re still putting creatine into your system.

It’s not about having enough water when you take creatine, it’s about making sure you’re having enough water all day long, which you should be doing whether you’re using creatine or not.

Ok I see.
It’s just that on the article the author mentions :
"…The third and probably most important step is to mix your creatine fully. Most of us, myself included, drink our creatine with some of the powder still visibly floating around in the water. At this point, even though you candrink it down, it hasn’t fully dissolved. That means it’s going to suck water from the places where water is supposed to be.

Mix it with enough water to dissolve it fully – and you’ll be surprised by just how much water that takes – and you’ll “saturate the sponge,” so to speak…"

I guess it doesn’t matter with pills…??

I haven’t heard mixing to be an issue in terms of “saturating the sponge”, like he says. Just that you want creatine dissolved for better general absorption, which is why micronized is a better form. But if that is a legit thing, it’s one more reason why capsules are an inefficient way to supplement with creatine. Like, would you need to chase 10 pills with 36oz of water?