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Water, Coffee, Protein, PB&J and Creatine


Last Thurs/Friday Combo

Bike 10 min
BW lunges
Gobblet squats 2 sets x 10
135 x 10
185 x 8
250 x 5
285 x 3
320 x 1 +3

BW pullups 3 x max 10, 7, 5

DB OH Press:
25's x 10
35's x 8
45's x 5
50's x 3
55's x 1 +6

Lateral raises 3 x 7 20's

Curls and shrugs


Deload week.
Bike 10 min.
BW lunges
Gobblet squats 2 sets x 10
Bar x 10
95 x 10
110 x 5
130 x 5
165 x 5

BW Pistols off 5 steps 3 sets of 7 each leg

Curls and calves

Felt like I did not accomplish much accept when I was doing the pistols. They are still whipping my ass. Not sure about this deload thing. My numbers must be way off. I will see it through the week though.

Was a tough weekend Turkey hunting. Too hot and windy so they were not as responsive. Only saw 3 birds. A father daughter team with us did manage a gobbler a piece though. Pretty cool. Glad the weekend is over. Was not able to eat near enough and ended up losing 4 lbs. Doing my best to put it back on today though.


About the cholesterol:
Please attend to the whole lipid profile, particle size the whole banana. The big bad Cholesterol is a very small part of the story.

Previous poster's mention of Carbs is in line with current research. Simple carbs, particularly high insulin response ones trash blood lipid profiles.

There's lots of reasons to avoid statins, de-mylination is one of the biggest reasons. One of the big pharmaco's produces one for "prescription", but it is like 20x the cost of Whole foods.

If you can stand the "flushing" seemingly high dosage Niacin ( 1 gram or more and must be flushing variety) is one of the most effective ways to positively alter blood lipids. Fair warning, the "flushing" feels like a sunburn with needle footed millipedes running all over your skin. The flushing part is important, it is thought to be the mechanism of action. Also the non-flushing variety is more common but trashes the kidneys.

Resistance training is also effective at modifying blood lipids over the longer term. Research shows it improves CV such as vascular suppleness.

Good luck with your rehab, old injuries are a bear.


Flushing does not sound like fun. How long does the pin cushion feeling last?

Old and new injuries suck for sure. Have to get creative to work around certain issues. So far so good though.




I forgot one of the biggest, zero downside intervention. Fish oil... Biotest has some of the best Omega-3 complexes. Too bad it is outside of my budget.

Dosages though again seem extreme, but not when you realize how much is missing from our food supply.

I'm on 10 grams/day. I go up to 20g day when workouts are intense. It takes a while to work (think week or so) but from a lifting program perspective it is roughly equivalent to Naproxem/Ibu for inflammation and soreness, only it targets only the negative inflammation and works long term. New studies show NSAIDs anti-inflammatory effects are non-specific and the anti-inflammatory effects stop working with chronic use.

The flushing varies widely day over day. You do acclimate to it, so the effect diminishes with persistent usage. Some report dramatic redness. I turn quite pink. Some report the the itchy feeling, others do not. I happen to do both. Funny, it also seems to nearly cure acne. My son is 14, almost 15. 3 days and he'll clear right up. He HATES the flushing though. Then again, that makes sense in a way, as it massively increases blood flow to the skin (vasodialator) and alters blood lipids.

However, an expected side effect of statins are demylination. The stripping of the nerve fibers. A result of that is memory loss, decrease in cognitive function. I think for a living, and learning is a core part of who I am... To a fault even... So these effects are completely unacceptable. This effect is inherent in the mechanism of action, some do it more, some less.

The studies are all over the map with statins in people with out immediate acute cardiac issues. Almost all show improvement in blood lipid profile, though some show increase in mortality. Few show decline in mortality. I think it is the confusion of a marker of risk with actual outcomes... There are no long term studies that I'm aware of. Long term, I mean relative to the current recommended usage of being on them for decades.

I also think that most Dr.s see people who will not make lifestyle changes. They get inured to people who would not cross the road to save themselves, but they will pop a pill every day.

Me, I'll go near Dean Ornish, if I have to, to avoid statins.



wild game, like specifically Deer. Have an appropriate mix of Omega-3's 6's, 9's, and 12s. I'm not saying it is enough to make up for the devoid in the rest of our food sources. So if it is a choice between lean steak and 'fatty' venison sausage, I'd eat the venison.

Just that it is much, much, more in line with our near evolutionary past... Early humans, that's another story, diet was more like the peoples of the mekong delta, or Inuit peoples of near past...


Good stuff. Thanks. btw, Dean looks like the younger brother of Nicolas Cage.



2nd day of first deload. WTH?

Push ups

DB Bench:
25's x 10
35's x 8
45's x 5
55's x 5
65's x 5

DB Incline:
55's x 5
65's x 5
75's x 5
85's x 3 (first set that felt good)

Fly's Peck Deck 3 sets misc.



Stretching 15 min.

Uneventful. Not working hard is hard...



BW Lunges
Gobblet squats

90 x 10
140 x 5
180 x 5
200 x 5

BW Pull ups 11, 6, 6

Grip strength

In and out quick.

Hopefully realize benefits of deload week when I hit it hard again on Monday.


Acclimate? Acclimate? WTF dude!

Could only find the 500mg flushing variety. 1st night, nothing. 2nd night, slight, as in very slight itching. I actually forgot I took it and thought my dog had brought in fleas to the house or something but it quickly subsided. 3rd night was the charm though. Took it on an empty stomach at around 11pm before going to bed. Woke up at 11:15 on freakin fire! Red head to toe! Panicked a bit because I did not know how long this wonderfull sensation would last. Luckily only 10 minutes or so. But all I can say is WOW! So last night I took it on a full stomach after dinner. Nothing after an hour so I thought last experience was a fluke. Hour later and YIKES! Maybe I need to dial the dosage down or will the intensity eventually subside? Or as you say, I will freakin ACCLIMATE? Fun...



Last session of deload week, thank God!

Warm Ups:
Push ups
Pull ups

DB OH Press:
15's x 10
25's x 10
30's x 5
35's x 5
40's x 5

Lateral Raises 3 x 8




Stretching and foam rolling.

Can't wait to work hard again on Monday! Reset my #'s for next cycle by adding 20lbs on Squats & Deads and 10 lbs Bench & OH Press.


Nice Pressing!

I do 1gram plus a b-complex in the morning, most days red and itchy for a little. It seems to depend upon how much I eat or drink before/soon after. I choose the morning as it seems to wake me up a bit...

It is effective, but I can see why most won't do it.



BW lunges
Goblet squats

90 x 10
140 x 8
180 x 5
205 x 5
235 x 5 + 3

Pistols from 5 spacers 3 x 7

Leg Press 500 3 x 5


Grip strength


Side note: 2 mths ago made a $50.00 bet with 2 other co-workers. I would gain 10 lbs mostly muscle in 3 mths and they would have to lose 20 lbs. They got the easier end as they a
both have at least 40 lbs of excess. I started at 199 and today is the 2/3 point and I weighed in at 207. Took key measurements at the beginning as well and have gained anywhere from 1/4" to 3" but unfortunately gained an inch in the waist. Most proud of my calves going from 15" to 16" as I have for the first time in my life worked em. I know, chicken legs for sure but trending in the right direction.


Did you gradually work up to 1gr? I figured I would do 250mg until its not so intense and gradually ramp up. Thoughts? My daughter started taking it for her acne and barely gets itchy. Guess everybody responds differently.


Thats a win win bet right there. They lose weight and you gain muscle how can you go wrong. Good job on the hard work.


One of the theory about mechanism of action is the flushing itself...
Personally, I "think" the flushing is the mechanism for vascular suppleness and some of the skin effects...
As for the alteration in lipid metabolism, seems dose dependent... I "think" this is the other skin clearing mechanism...

Acclimation to increase seems to depend upon how depleted you are. I would push the dose as high as tolerance of the flushing you can tolerate. Are your lipids really dangerous or more a long term issue...

again, please research "particle size"... also there are 2 inflammation markers I think one is CRP... Those are as or more critical then blood lipids from a mortality view point... Another critical marker is vascular suppleness and one indirect marker of that is the rate of recovery from peak heart rate. This can be the best thing as it is "trained" by resistance training... Proper Omega-3 intake directly effect these three...


Dunno, I wouldn't make a bet like that. I just can't see how anyone can pack on 10 lbs muscle in only 3 months. My body sure never did that, no matter how I pound on it or eat till it's coming out my ears. Sounds pretty risky.


Agreed. $50.00 not going to break the bank but just enough sting to stay focussed. I knew it would be tough to do but I did it/am doing it for two reasons: 1) "They" needed some monitary motivation to see it through for three months and 2) I needed some extra motivation to go balls to the wall for three months. I have never worked this hard AND eaten such voluminous amounts off food and am loving it since I have always eaten at a maintenance level. Figure I will keep it up another month, retake measurements and even test BF%. Reset goals for another three months and see what happens. Is this crazy talk for a late to the game 46 year old?


Dr. said I was medium/high and "suggested" statins to bring things back in line so I am not too far gone by any means. Niacin, check.

Resistance training-check.

Have increased Fish oil w/Omega-3's from 3 x 1200mg to 9 per day. Check.

Looking forward to next blood test in three mths.


Why ask me? I'm 54 going on to 55. You whippersnappers have all the advantages.