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Water, Coffee, Protein, PB&J and Creatine


Cousin Cliff version:

*Annual physical today: Was that really necessary?
*Explosive workout!
*Getting old sucks, better start a training log.
*Introduces self: Hey all. Im an old fucker that considers himself still young in the mind. Wait, wut?

Wall of text version: (Hey, dont say I didnt warn ya.)

Longtime lurker (f-ing 09er), very rare contributor GAL mostly until todays cathartic moment.

Title: well not quite up to par with Fatima Whitbread and Her Troupe of Squirrels but I think it still accomplishes its goal; a cautionary tale nonetheless.

Rewind: So in preparation for my annual physical this morning at 9:30am I fasted from food and water since 7pm last night. Wasnt sure about cutting out water for the blood tests so I figured I should err on the side of caution and not drink any. Hell, it would only be 15 hrs or so by the time I would get back to the office so it shouldnt be that big a deal.

The visit: Starts a bit out of the ordinary in that my doctor has a rookie observing him work but no biggie. At this stage, too old to care really. Not quite drying my sac off at the hand drying station in the mens room yet but you get the picture. (Ha, what has been imagined cannot be unimagined) Meandering right alongâ?¦ Usual questions and answers and then blood is drawn for the ensuing battery of tests. Mention to him that my memory seems to be glitching occasionally and he says welcome to the club. Then THE dreaded request to drop trow. I figure, no big and decide to just bear it. Yes, left out the word grin intentionally as the intern seemed a bit too interested in the goings on and handled the grinning part for everyone. My doctor is short in stature and his hands can best be described as, well, effeminate so I was quite mortified as he seemed to be searching all over gods green earth for my prostrate, deeper than what I felt was physically possible and or necessary. Visit concludes shortly thereafter leaving me feeling, lets just say, not quite myself. Violated comes to mind along with a strange desire to curl up, fully clothed on the floor of a shower stall with the water running down my face. Sorry, I digress.

The office: Still feeling a bit out of sorts so I quickly slam a bottle of water before pouring and drinking my 1st cup of coffee. Then mix a protein drink shortly after to go along with the PB&J I packed earlier knowing I would be starving. Alas, all begins to be right in the world again as I mix the creatine with my 2nd cup of coffee. The mental images of the earlier ass raping quickly fade as they are replaced with new and improved visions of PRs that will be achieved this afternoon.

The gym: We have a fitness center on our property a short walk from my office. DBs up to 85, couple universal & hammer strength machines, leg press, several benches, cardio equip and, wait for it, wait for itâ?¦ a smith machine. The walk over seemed to have jogged something loose so I proceeded to handle up in the closest stall I can find. Change and then warm up on a bike but am cut short by, yet another rumble in the jungle. Not my idea of a rest/pause routine. Finally begin my workout and cannot get past 2 sets without THAT constant interruption. Dang it! I am determined to fight thru the workout and am so thankful that a scene was not made by me requiteing out of service signs to be posted. Luckily it wasnt squat day. So there you have it, a perfect storm/PSA of sorts that has brought me to this moment. Lesson learnt.

Age 46
Height 6'1"
Weight 205
BF% No idea, on my first bulk ever in life. Plus, no pics of me holding shoes available.

Squat 235 x 8
Bench 200 x 8
DL 300 x 7
OH Press 110 x 7

*Just started 5/3/1 so I purged all previous max lifts from my memory and profile. Started 1st cycle kinda on the low side but wanted to err on the side of caution. Onward and upward!

6:30am 3 scrambled eggs with deer sausage and toast. (Shot four deer between my son and I last season.)
Mix 1 cup oatmeal, �½ cup cottage cheese, banana, egg, tblsp peanut butter, heaping scoop of protein powder, milk and ice all in a blender. Drink and drive to work. Pure awesomeness!
10:00am almonds, fruit and sometimes raw veggies.
11:15am workout
12:45 Protein drink
1:00pm 1st lunch 6-8oz fish, chicken, beef or deer, raw vegetables and either sweet, baked or mashed potatoes.
4:00pm 2nd lunch same as above
7:00pm Dinner whatever the family is eating in copious amounts.
9:00pm Protein drink

Protein powder 3-4 times per day.
Creatine 1 time per day.
1000 mg Omega-3 Fish Oil 3 caps a day.
Close to a gallon of water per day.

Played college basketball for a small school in TX. Moved here in 84 sight unseen from Cleveland, OH on a full ride and have only witnessed snow flurries once in my 5 years of school so I decided this would be my home after marrying my then girlfriend who was on the womens basketball team. Helps that I love to hunt & fish and can do so pretty much year round. Basic conditioning thru college with no real weight lifting programs to speak of. After graduating I stayed active playing basketball, softball and golf. Got semi-serious about building muscle 3 or 4 years ago. Became committed to building muscle 6 mths ago.

Favorite beverage:
Crown & Coke or Knob Hill & Coke but not afraid to smash my college favorite-Keystone Light.

Injuries in order of occurrence:
Reconstructed left shoulder. 3 inch wood screw holding it all together. â?? basketball
Knee surgery â?? basketball
Bulging disk, doctors wanted to fuse, told em to F-off since I was only 21 at the time â?? basketball
1st Left elbow surgery â?? golf wtf? Id rather not talk about. Bows head in shameâ?¦
Broken left hand: surgery, plates and screws. You guessed it â?? basketball
Dislocated right foot â?? softball (Guess I was in shock as I looked at my foot hanging at a right angle just dangling there. Reached down with both hands, grabbed hold and pulled it away from my body to realign the foot over the hump. Proceeded to cuss like a sailor. Did I mention it was a church team? Kinda funny.)
2nd left elbow surgery - weights

Long-term Goals:
Get body weight to 220 and then cut back to 205-210 with BF maintained in the 7-10% range
Squat 400
Bench 300
DL 500
OH Press 200
Lifts may be unrealistic but again, it is a 4-year plan. 6 months ago I weighed 185.

Had a traumatic life changing experience five years ago and found lifting weights helped release stress/provided an outlet to unleash anger. Lifting became addictive. I didnt have a real program. I did full body workouts MWF or Push/Pull four days per week. Stayed in a periodic state of rehab until this last year or so. Gave up trying to hang with the young kids in the gym and on the field and have found not having to shell out the co-pays so often is kinda nice. The thought of sliding into third base still makes me cringe. I cant watch baseball highlights to this day without getting squeamish. Finally trying to train smarter and have incorporated, cough, cardio, and cough, cough, stretching before and after workouts coupled with foam rolling at night. I can confidently say that I am at my healthiest and strongest of my entire life and am excited about what the future may hold in this realm.

There you have it. I plan to start posting my daily routines Monday but cant promise daily updates as I do not have access while at work and do have three active teenagers that require my attention/presence after work for various events. I will post as often as I can and look forward to moving forward. I am very open to advice, ribbing, whatever as I know though I am older in body I am still young in mind and experience. Any direction would be greatly appreciated and accepted.



Welcome, sounds like you have had quite a bit of rehabbing to do with all those injuries, most folks here have had a back, shoulder, or knee worked, but not the whole list plus a few, heh.

GL with the bulking, never done that myself, was bulky enough for the rest of my life before getting back in shape.

And about the physical, the grinning intern is always fun times, along with the Dr making sure the back of the prostrate is in as good shape as the closer portion.

And the hair-drying of balls, is something some of the women have requested demonstration videos of, if you are so inclined, although those of us who have witnessed it, have no idea why.


Welcome, Dan. You've done pretty well for being only semi-serious about working out. Are you still in Fort Worth? I used to live in Dallas. Great gym in Addison, corner of Midway and Trinity Mills.


Welcome Dan....Prostate Rape is a right of passage so to speak..cheers!


Thanks for the welcome. Yep, saw that once awhile back. Falls under the "what has been seen cannot be unseen" category. Video would only serve to tramatize others.


Thanks. I think the late start has helped me stay focussed and avoid burn-out. I love it.

Yes still here in FW area. Just came back from my daughters volleyball tournament outside of Adddison and headed back out in the am.


Great, but why so many do-overs?


Welcome Dan.

My father had prostate cancer (he has beaten it) so I get to have a finger up my rear every year. MD doesn't even take me out to dinner first.


Thanks. Good to hear about your dad. Yeah, I know. Early detection and all is the key.


send me 20lb of venison. now.

well, lets see if you meet our criteria:\
medical ass-rape, check
copious injuries, check
old, check
5/3/1, check (you're off the menu)
fat, wait. except for a couple holdouts, (harry, kevin and kent come to mind), we are mostly largish land mammals. at 6'1, you should weigh at least 310. You're a skinny 100 lbs off.

Submit your plan to join Rhodestown, then you can come in and play.


just kidding. welcome


Thanks for the welcome.

I try to kill just enough to last a year without getting sick of it. Four this year is pushing it. Plan on dialing it back a bit next year and substitute a wild hog. Adding a turkey or two is always a bonus but for now I'm filling the freezer with fish.

Yep, I feel fairly slim around these parts. May need to redouble my eating efforts.

Thanks for feeding the complex.


Third week of 531

Warm up:
BW walking lunges
Gobblet squats with 50lb db

90 x 10
140 x 8
195 x 5
220 x 3
245 x 1+5

Leg Press:
450 x 6
520 x 5
590 x 3

Pistol work: (my new goal)
Starting slow: 3 x 10 each leg from seated start position off a bench. Balance is off a bit but by the 3rd set I was rolling without flailing my arms and leg so much. Will progresively start lower each week and hope to eventually add weights.

Bicep curls: (not in squat rack)
25's x 10
30's x 8
35's x 6
40's x 6 x 2 sets
25's x 10 slow concentration

Wrist curls (continued elbow rehab)
15's x 20 x 2 sets regular & reverse
20's x 10 regular & reverse

Usually finish with calf work but was standing all weekend at my daughters volleyball tournament and my feet were tender to begin with so I opted out. Will pick up tomorrow.

Oh, and in other news: Got bloodwork results back today. 238 Cholesteral and Dr. wants to put me on statins. Don't like the thought of taking something that can negatively effect my liver so looking for alternatives:

Egg whites only
Cut out deer sausage every morning (That hurts but very doable)
Reduce strip & T-bones intake and replace with chicken & fish. (Again, doable)
Cut back on drinking. Sniff, sniff (May be a bit tougher)



Alas, sometimes diet alone reduces cholesterol and sometimes it doesn't. My diet's been strict for years and still the doc put me on statins.

As for cutting back on meat, you need the protein, so don't cut too drastically.

By the way, your body produces cholesterol, so even if you went vegetarian it might not help.


Leave the meat, cut out the fruit and any other carbs that are not vegetables. Cut out white potatoes. Take more fish oil, Krill seems to work great, take ginger and curcumin, take some systemic enzymes and potassium iodide. Your cholesterol will be great. You need chol. by the way to have testosterone, doctors love statins, and the problem is not cholesterol but inflammation and that is why statins keep you alive longer. I'd not worry so much about cholesterol levels and check my inflammation, the above will do it.


My concern is that doctors putting folks on statins is the easy way in that yes it does work but at what expense? And better yet, at who's profit. Definately will continue researching.

Won't cut drastically, love red meat but I do probably overdue the deer sausage (mixed with pork).



Well, I have been eating 2-3 helpings of fruit a day and white potatoes 3-4 times per week. Doc gave me three months before next test to re-evaluate. Will make changes and add supps.



It's a difficult decision as far as the statins go. My wife has high cholesterol (it's genetic, her father died at barely 60 and her brother at 41) and has been put on statins, but I've yet to read any research studies that shows that they work in women. All I've read says they work if you already have heart disease or have had a heart attack, but the benefits to people who just have high cholesterol and are otherwise healthy, are hugely exaggerated. Her doctor is all for them, but I don't know who to believe.



Warm Up:
Push ups

Bar x 10
90 x 10
135 x 8
160 x 5
190 x 3
210 x 1 +5

Incline DB Press:
65's x 8
75's x 6
75's x 5

Peck deck
3 sets to failure

180 x 8
230 x 6
260 x 4
260 x 4

Seated Calf Raises:
270 x 8
270 x 8
270 x 7

Stretch and foam roll 15 minutes.

Felt like I had a ton left in the tank. May have started too low on my lifts when plugging into 531. Will finish week and then re-evaluate resetting during de-load week. (next week)


Core and stretching is all I did today. Found out I will be guiding some turkey hunters Friday, Saturday & Sunday so will combine back and shoulders tomorrow. Can't wait.