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Water Bottle


Anyone know where I can get one of these for cheaper?




Wtf??? lol


hahahaha! what a waste of money. But I'm sure most of the '09 class needs a bottle that "enables them to program in their personal hydration needs, track their daily water consumption sip by sip, and be coached throughout the day to achieve optimal hydration."


tits or gtfo.


Sadly, I'm sure this could help people.

It's amazing how many people have a hard time drinking enough water through the day.


Do you really need to complicate drinking more than it already is?


Here's an idea, grab a gallon jug of water and drink it throughout the day, aiming to finish it before you go to bed at night. I'll pass a little knowledge on I garnered from my father during my youth "when it comes to basic necessities, keep it simple stupid!"


I'm part of the '09 class and I'd rather just stick to carrying around a gallon of water.


Damn and all this time I've been doing manual spec gravity, microscopic analysis and monthly clean catch Culture and Sensitivity to assure I was meeting my hydration needs.


I'm an '09er and I'll stick to carrying around my gallon jug.


Y'all don't even wanna know what I do to be sure there's enough fiber in my diet.


That thing would'nt help the noobs in my NG unit. I gotta tell my guys to drink water all day. The worst part is they've got goddam camelbaks on.



Actually, I want to get it for my grandfather. He is old and having trouble keeping up his water in take. It's his birthday and I thought it would make a good gift. Anyone know where I can find this cheaper? I feel like $30 for a water bottle that he may or may not use is a little pricy.


If you read the reviews, the first person says they bought theirs at Target. You might try there. Oh, and if Target has them, then Wallyworld is right behind them.


Damn you had a legit reason...


or try your luck with ebay...



I'll sell you my Super water bottle for only $19.95.

Its wonderous technology is amazing. Simply fill the bottle each time you are thirsty and BAM drinablity.





Dude its $30 bucks, how much cheaper do you want it? How much are you trying to pay? Douchebag.