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Water Bloat

Has anyone got to bloated on cycle and had to use water pills? Im on my 5th week of deca and test. My gains are looking good but i have a huge water belly. Im not really caring about how bad it looks its just hard to workout and do my cardio. I can barely tie my own shoe. But on a empty stomach in the morning my abs are there.

Its mainly after i eat which is every two hours. So it never has time to go down. I looked on the bottle of my wifes water pills and the main ingrediant was caffiene 100mg. That dont make much sense caffiene. Isnt there something natural for water bloat?

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Ya ive been using a-dex at .5mg a day until recently. I had started taking b-6 and my nipples were not sore any more so i dropped the dose of a-dex to .25 a day. Two days later water bloat guess ill go back to .5 mg. I was just wishing there was a natural diuretic that wouldnt hinder gains. Oh well its all part of the game. Thanks bushy

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Dandelion root is a natural diuretic. A pretty good one. Not sure if it’d be strong enough for this, though. But you could try it.

What is your diet like?

I can eat like shit off cycle and bloat up like a hippo for two days easily. If your diet is not under control, meaning no alcohol, minimal salts and shitty carbs, and no fried foods, then you are going to have problems no matter what.

Bloat usually has a cause. What is it?

I have found that on cycle, you’ve really got to watch your sodium intake. My belly would bloat up like crazy when eating pistachios (salted) for instance.

AAS Diets are a lifestyle change. If you are used to eating shit, it may be a big change. Luckily I don’t eat junk food and/or fast food or fried foods. I have a somehwat sensitive stomach. So it wasn’t too difficult to change.

Think of it like this… you really are what you eat. If you eat shit your gains will be shit. If you eat a good lean diet your gains will be good and lean. If you eat Max calories of good clean/lean meats, fats, and proteins then your gains will be maxed, lean, and exactly what you are looking for.

Spoken from personal experience!

vitamin C is a natural diuretic…I can’t remember the dose required though.

My diet is pretty good. Its definately not the best but it is clean. I found that green tea was one of the best natural diuretics. I love green tea so im going to start downing it today. I will let you know the results tommorow.

Limiting sodium is tough though. I’m not talking about avoiding shitty snack food. That’s a given. But everything [I mean things that you’d want to consume] has some sodium. Lean meats. Eggs. Egg beaters. Chicken. If you are sensitive to it, it can lead to some level of bloat on cycle even when not eating processed foods or using any added salt. People’s bodies react differently to the compounds too, I think.

Natural, I don’t consider myself particularly sensitive to sodium and don’t ever notice any water retention issues. But it’s a different story with gear. I find I can bloat even when ‘steroid dieting’ and going low calorie, very low carb, and avoiding added salt. Maybe I should make a conscious effort to get sodium-reduced food. But I feel that makes it too difficult to get the necessary protein. So, I just deal with some bloat. I am going to pick up some dandelion root myself, though.

I’m telling you, ONE day into a cycle utlizing drol, and I’ll notice a little less definition and a bit of puffiness about the face. I don’t think that’s enough time for any estrogen issues, so I don’t know what it is about it.

some people just get bloated on gear like test and deca. while other juiceheads can take 1000mgs test weekly and have minimal bloat.

I get really bloated with “moon face” when on test, d- bol,deca even while taking a-dex.

Try dropping your carbs. drink as much water as you can. saunas work. I noticed when im taking HOT-ROX on a cycle with test I feel less water retention.

For me, diet makes all the difference when it comes to retaining water, even more so than dosage or AI use.

I got pretty bad moon face and bloat on 500mgs of test when I was wolfing down carbs and eating a couple cheat meals per week.

Now that I’m controlling carbs and eating nearly 100% clean, I have no water retention issues on nearly three times that dose.

Sodium good, not bad.

[quote]coloradosteve2 wrote:
Sodium good, not bad. [/quote]

Sodium is normally good [to a degree]. On gear, even a little is bad.

[quote]jsbrook wrote:
coloradosteve2 wrote:
Sodium good, not bad.

Sodium is normally good [to a degree]. On gear, even a little is bad. [/quote]

Sodium is normally essential and just as much so on gear.


I control bloat by a low carb diet combined with plenty of sweating.

Green tea has been helping. I have three to four glasses a day. The bloat is not that miserable now. A little extra cardio to.

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