Water-Based Test?


I am currently using Test Prop 20mg and HCG 125IU ED, started not too long ago.

I read some about subq injections, wheres some people reported they dont have to use AI and smaller test dosage give higher levels of free and TT. Looks like I aromatize a little bit more than other ppl so thats one reason I started researching this.

I am interested in subq injections is I consider it less painful and no stress on muscles. But with oils I do not like this option so much as people have reported “cysts” or strange lumps from oil.

I remember I read about water base test so this is not that big of a concern.

It was said there is no esther connected to the test, so it makes it much more fast acting. I also remember something about shorter ester has less probability to aromatize.

Which lead me to ask: as test prop aromatize lass than test E test, then no esters attached are even less prone to aromatize? Can be better solution as far as using as subq?

How come noone using test suspensions? /I know it is double the price as oil base test prop, but thats not such a big concern for lot of ppl/


It isn’t the attached esters that aromatise, it’s the test itself. From what i’ve read, water based test acts faster than oil based test which makes it difficult to keep E2 in check.

You are right,Testosterone indeed aromatise but as rule of thumb shorter esthers will do it less than longer esthers.(or maybe people are feeling better with frequent injections and would be same with longer esthers if injection protocol adjusted with more freq injections?)

I dont (yet) understand the method for that.

“From what i’ve read, water based test acts faster than oil based test which makes it difficult to keep E2 in check.”

I dont see how it can be. Could you explain it please?

How I see it: People talk about every 2-3 days in usage of test suspension and maybe most of the studies are based on that (if theres any you are referring to)? Thats maybe like using Test ena only once every 10 days ( ? ), therefore maybe problem with inj. frequency and stuff, and not the substance itself. But I am curious so please share.

Fast acting test = big spikes = high E2.
Slower acting test = more gradual & more manageable levels of E2.

I’m by no means an expert though, this is just how it seems to me.

“Fast acting test = big spikes = high E2.
Slower acting test = more gradual & more manageable levels of E2.”

I think it is more:
Fast acting test (if not dosed correctly, too much time between injections) = big spikes

Fast acting test (assuming frequency and dosage adjusted) = no spikes

We used aqueous test back in the day. It gets into you very quickly and, without the ester, has a very short half life, less than 24 hours. However, you could “feel” it within an hour, very good for workouts. Just as testosterone levels will spike quickly, estrogen levels will go up quickly as well. Because of this, it was not real popular with bodybuilders close to competitions due to bloating. Lifters didn’t really care.

It’s more potent, as without the ester, 100mg of suspension is not equal to 100mg of enanthate or cypionate, which contributes significantly to the weight. It’s out of you quickly and not even detectable after 48 hours, so it was popular for drug tested events, prior to the onset of no advance notice testing. Still, guys probably use it now and take the risk.

Point being, since it is out of you so quickly, daily injections are needed. Some would say even twice, or three times, a day. I never did more than one per day. Whatever preservative they used burned quite a bit.

I would not use it for TRT with the goal being to achieve healthy testosterone and E2 levels.

I appreciate your answer!
Haha then its definetly something I want to order and place it in my love making pouch, using it occassionally.

I dont mind daily injections (new to trt ) especially if its subq. Thats why I am interested.

I think bodybuilders injected aquatest into muscle. Do you think subq can make bit of difference? Maybe a bit steadier levels?

Be very, very careful where you get test suspension. The chances of infection are significantly higher with water-based injectables than with oils. You better know for absolute certain that the stuff you’re putting into your body is coming from a legitimate lab with actual clean protocols.