Water-Based Test Suspension Higher Risk of Infection Than TNE?

Hi, I’m a Homebrewer and have done quite a couple of successfull brews, I want to make Test Suspension for my next Powerlifting Cycle.

As the plan is Test 500/NPP 400/50 Dbol for the last 6 weeks peaking/50 Suspension 1hr Pre Workout for the first 6 weeks. Aromasin 6.25mg 2x a week.

I want to brew Water Based Suspension instead of Test No Ester in oil because when you put the test base in oil you have to use “Guaiacol” which is some bad shit, you don’t need this in Suspension in water though which is why I am opting to make it.

I have a good idea about how I will brew it…

The one thing I have been told on forums is that water based steroids run a greater risk of infection that oil based?

I’m not sure where this comes from as nobody has really provided a source for this.

Does this have any truth to it?, I’m sure as long as I sterilise, filter it through .22 PVDF filters and add 2% Benzyl alcohol and keep everything clean like I’ve done multiple times it should be fine, thanks.