Water and Protein Powder

So I was curious. I’m drinking around 2 gallons of water a day lately. When you mix water with protein powder, do you still get all the same benefits if you were just drinking plain water? I wasn’t sure if you lose them once you mixed water with protein powder.

Yes, you will still be drinking water.

My advice would be to read over some of the nutritional articles on this site. To be nice, it seems that you need to educate yourself on nutrition in general from this type of question


Thank you Oprah, for convincing three generations of Americans that water doesn’t count if it gets mixed with anything else.

I knew it was a dumb question when I posted it. I assumed I was right thinking it was the same, but I wanted to be sure. And I honestly couldn’t find what I was looking for using the search engine.

No the water loses all of its properties and becomes a toxic substance that should be avoided at all costs.

Are you serious, all that wet stuff in there is still water, it just has protein in it

Question was answered, therefore the thread is finished.

Leave the fella alone.