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Water and GI

Does adding water to a sugary drink like Surge or juice lower it’s glycemic index dor does it remain the same?


Probably not if you’re still drinking the same amount of juice or taking in the same carbs. In fact Berardi has said that diluting Surge with more water will enhance uptake/digestion (the more dilute solution will actually be absorbed quicker).

I don’t know that it will be absorbed quicker; just more efficiently…i believe it is still the same rate of absorption.

adding water to sugar speeds the rate of absorption.

Just out of curiosity if you werent going to mix it with water what were you gonna mix it with. Im guessing you would be chewing it?

I was referring to the surge part of the question.

Thanks for the input guys.

Just to clarify, I’m not questioning about the digestion. I know that more water = better digestion.

I’m actually questioning water’s effect on the GI/insulin response to a high GI drink. The amount of sugar remains the same but does adding more water lower it’s GI since it’s more diluted or does it remain the same?

I’m pretty sure that it does raise the GI. In Dr Colgan’s Optimum Sports Nutrition he states that adding water to sugar will make you fatter than eating the same amount of sugar without water because it gets transported through the stomach membrane faster. This I assume raises the GI (ie rate that sugar is leaked into the blood stream) and increases insulin production. Note that he was not talking about post- workout nutrition when he wrote this. Obviously for PW nutrition you want a high- insulin inducing drink, and in fact he advocates a mixture of sugar and water (plus protein) PW.