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Watching UFC in UK?

This is a quick question, just wondering what the UK based people on here do to keep up with UFC seeing as Setanta is now down the toilet?

I don’t particularly want to go buying DVDs at 15 quid a pop and watching YouTube videos get real old, real quick.

What should I be doing to get my MMA fix?

Get a torrent client and download it. I had Setanta too and saw the events “legally” most of the time, but now that they’re dead, no real alternative.

Bummer, but I thought as much.

I don’t get why Sky don’t cough up the dough and get the rights. Even if they where to stick it on Box Office it’d be better than nothing…

someone is going to be showing it, just hasn’t been announced who yet.

Hopefully bravo get it back. Virgin 1 was playing the recent ultimate fighter series, so hopefully the get a contract. Fucking pissed off if i dont get 2 see ufc 100.

Try http://atdhe.net/

Seems like virgin will be showing 101 onwards… no word yet on 100.