Watching Sodium Intake

I’ll try to be frank:
Why the fuck is almost everything packed with sodium? And a lot of it?
I’m trying to watch my sodium as I feel much better when it’s around normal recommended daily value (cca 2500mg), but it’s getting harder as I’m trying to add new foods into my diet (getting sick of oats, maybe a little allergic too)
2 fucking italian sausage links are about 1240 mg of sodium. That’s one meal. Actually a third of it. Even fucking store bought turkey meat is packed with it.
I already am switching canned stuff for dried even though it takes much more time to prepare it.

So can you guys help me out a bit and post some food that is not loaded with it? If you can, post a particular brand or w/e would help

Thank You

Processed foods are loaded with sodium.

I know it takes more preparation but you need to be eating fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables for more reasons than just sodium content. It’s time consuming but definitely worth it.

No I’m saying that I AM doing that. But at the moment I don’t have access to home made sausages and turkey and whatnot. Legumes I buy dry and don’t really even eat pasta anymore. Meats are my main concern. I thought uncooked sausage would be a good bet, but as I see now, i was mistaken