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Watching Smallville?


Anyone still watching? I am currently going through season 9. 5, 6, and 7 were great, 8 was disappointing, but I think they are back on track in season 9. I was originally horrified by the idea of tom welling to play the part of superman in the new movie, but i am slowly changing my opinion. I know Prof X was a big fan of the series, you still watch it X?

some of the episodes are silly, like they are really reaching to find villains and plots, but overall they have stayed true to the characters and developed them nicely. that is the main thing, characters you care about because you can relate and or feel you know.



I am on season 8, I like it so far. I hear season 10 is the last season.


I never made it through season one...but I am biased..Superman was always my least favorite superhero.


I'm a big fan of smallville. I've watched every episode so far. I concur that some of the episodes are way out in leftfield sometimes.

I watch it online here: http://www.watchsmallvilleonline.com/. It shows each episode the saturday after it plays on cw.


I really like this show, I watched up till halfway through season 9...

It's good but it doesn't air at good times in the UK, I have to DL all the episodes... sometimes I just can't be bothered.


I've been a fan since day one. You can't put season one in the dvd player without acknowledging it was made over ten years ago. Welling basically grew up to full adulthood on that show. When that show first started, they were setting a precedence so you have to cut them some slack considering at the time, the WB's biggest draw was Dawson's Creek.

That show has been significant enough that Cloe Sullivan, a character originally only written for the show has now been added into the DC universe in the comics. The guy playing his dad from Dukes of Hazard did a great job over the years to the point that when he finally dies, you really do miss his presence.

Yeah, they had bad seasons...like that whole witch craft bullshit with Lana Lang, but the bottom line is, how many shows even last a full decade?

They spent ten full years fleshing out who Clark really is, basically starting off with him being afraid of heights, best friends with Lex (after saving his life) and ONLY wanting to be human to ten years later having Lex as a mortal enemy, he WILL fly this year (superman didn't fly originally in the comics), and accepting his destiny.

The Green Arrow turned out to be a solid addition to the cast.

Yeah, they screwed up some along the way but anyone who has actually watched that show for years knows they created something solid that helped rewrite how that character is perceived.

Clark Kent is the focus and his lack of ability to fly seems to be directly linked to the fact that he still sees himself as human. The moment he does take off will be the point he really accepts who he is....and honestly, how else would that character be written if truly dissecting his youngest years?

That show picked up around season 5 when The Flash was introduced along with Cyborg. Ignore the witch craft shit, the few "too WB episodes" and enjoy it for what it was for a decade.


agree x, great show and not somehow incorporating it into the big screen adaptation or making a major motion picture based on the series will be a BIG mistake!

what is your opinion of welling playing superman in the upcoming "Man Of Steel"?


Wait a minute, Lex Luthor is still alive? I thought he died a couple seasons ago?


Yeah, that is what you would think if you don't really watch the show in detail. Lex was changed when the original meteor shower hit that brought Kal-el to Earth. His body is more resistant to injury and Lex claims he has never been sick since that incident. That is what made him lose his hair in the first place. So no, while everyone on the show except for the woman who took over his company (Tess Mercer) thought he was dead, he was still alive using Tess as his "seeing eye dog" as he recovered from massive injuries from the last season Michael Rosenbaum played that character.

That was their explanation for why Lex has not been seen except from behind since Rosenbaum left the show. It made more sense than replacing that character all together with someone else so quickly.

What they made clear is that lex does know who Clark is now (along with a ton of other people so I am not sure how they can bring about the "no one can tell it's Superman because he wears glasses" thing. They seem to have done away with that idea altogether in that "universe".


I think fans would be cool with it because Welling did end up growing into that character pretty well. However, there seem to be tons of people who completely ignored the show because it wasn't specifically about "Superman". Those people seem to be unaware of the changes made to that story line.

Lex Luthor doesn't see himself as evil. He sees himself as saving mankind from a whole host of "super beings" who have the power to take over if they really wanted. He is also a genius and not the bumbling idiot he was back in the 70's-80's in the first movies.

One of the problems that last Superman movie had was ignoring the last 30 years of tv shows and comics. They tried to act as if none of that happened and this was some sequel to the first two Superman movies.

You can't do that. Smallville was significant along with the comics over the years to change that drastically.

If you don't show how Clark sees the world, the character becomes some sort of untouchable demi-god with no risk of harm...and that's boring.


Admittedly I stop watching the show after Lex was 'killed' I really liked the Clark/Lex dynamic and was curious to see how they became bitter enemies. After Rosenbaum left I lost interest. Also I can't stand the girl who plays Lois, her acting is atrocious and she isn't sexy enough to make up for it IMO.

Even though I really enjoyed the show what used to get on my nerves was the sudden bout of amnesia everyone would get at the end of each episode. It was like the writers would write them selves into a corner and then give every character Amnesia so they would forget Clark is Superman, episode over. I still watched the show for quite sometime although.

So is Rosenbaum back or what?


Rosenbaum has stated he is not coming back (I think he is avoiding being typecast because let's face it, Tom Welling sure will be and Rosenbaum played the hell out of that character).

They also seemed to have stopped the amnesia crisis. Lois knows who he is along with a ton of other people from Tess Mercer to Hawkman to a number of people he saved since he was in high school. Pete moved away because of it. For a show like this, I think they do enough really good turns to make up for poor writing in some shows. They wouldn't have lasted ten years if they didn't...and the woman playing Tess did do a good job until they killed her off...which is why Lex now needs to come back by the end of this season.

What is going to be interesting is how they play all of this off. He is about to show himself as "Superman" to the world after hiding his "saves". With so many knowing who he is, I think the question will be...is Clark himself a viable character once he becomes Superman.


I think so... it will add a new wrinkle. the hiding who he is and being afraid to accept his destiny stuff has been stretched out about as far as it can(they did it very well though for sure) the last 10 years.

I disagree with the lois lane opinion expressed earlier. I think she plays the part well, tough independent military brat(in the comics her dad is a stud hard ass general, kinda the DC equivalent to Marvel's Thunderbolt Ross), and sexy vulnerable damsel in distress as well.


i cant wait to see the season 10 finale, I hope it is that episode where he puts on the suit and cape and flys off to go kick some ass.


They just brought in Darkseid and I LIKE how they did it. They show him as some spiritual being that preys on the doubts of humans in order to control them who can possess other humans (which keeps them from showing some overly CGI cartoonish version of him)...and they spin this into politics.

That shit made me wonder why the comics never did that.


the new gods, darkseid, Orion, the all father, granny goodness, new genesis, Apocalypse, that is old school dc universe, were talking jack kirby. think that that mythology is a little to well established and used in too many recent story arcs (like final crisis) to have rebooted THAT much. but i have not started season 10 yet, but what you say sounds interesting. it might play out well.


I doubt they are taking it farther than Darkseid this season. I also think that if any threat would push him over the edge into that suit, this would be it.

They did show hints of a suit made like the one from the last movie but no one knows the final design.

Have you seen the new red leather jacket with the "S" on it that he wears right now before the end?

I want that fucking jacket.


ya...that was cool.


PX- you said Tess was killed off? Thought the latest episode isn't until tonight?

I just watched 10-4 last night and she was still alive. Though, I was a bit shocked at the ending of the episode---- SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER==== as Clark told Lois he is the Blur


I grew up and am around the same age Clark is suppose to be in the show. So i to have been following since season one. I think the way they are going to reintroduce Lex is with the clone that Tess is raising in the mansion. It was the scene from last weeks episode that really tipped me off because they showed the clone to have recorded his growth in height since being adopted and it showed lines on the wall several inch's apart from each other.

So I'm thinking accelerated growth will bring the clone into adulthood just in time for the finale. Also I'm not sure if the Lex clone has all of the original Lex Luthors memories if he doesn't then we can assume he won't know anything about Clark having powers.