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Hi everyone... My friend wants to buy her boyfriend a watch for christmas, and she's willing to spend around 250-300 bucks.

She asked me what kind I had so she could get it, but its a Tissot Seastar which was 500 bucks.

Anyway, does anyone know any nice watches (maybe even swiss made) that are around that price. I'm thinking the seastar 660 but its a little small (and this kids a big kid, with pretty big wrists) so I'm thinking it may look like a girls watch on him.

Anyway, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Congratulations on your watch.

That was the point of this thread wasn't it? Or is going to a store too difficult



Just go online and search. Or better yet have her do it.


Oh sasquatch, go out onto the davenport (that's what you wisconsinites call the back porch, right?) and comb all that bah-humbug out of your fur.

Dude's just trying to help a friend out, and figured he'd ask us since some of us are vain in arenas other than how we look nekkid.

If she's hung up on brand names, Citizen makes good ones within that price range as well as


Tommy Bahama...

If this dude is a big kid like you say, TB might be a good choice as their watch faces are oversized and bulky, but not rediculously blinged out. You'll also find an array of styles in that price range.

By all means have her shop around, though, the above website is the first one I found on google that had photos and they might not have the best prices.

Hope that helps, happy holidays



Citizen has always done me good, and so has Seiko. Both are quality watches. Look them up online for more details.


What's the matter with rediculously blinged out?

\|/ 3Toes


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Just the fact you used the term blinged out scares me.

Why then did he mention his watch and cost? Just observations no bah-humbug

You can take the beast out of the woods, but the sarcastic piece of shit still lashes out once in awhile. It's just me, it's not personal. Unless you want to make it so. Well--do ya.

Mine's a Hugo Boss by the way. Sorry-I couldn't resist. I will, however, not mention price.


No it wasnt the point of the thread... I've had my watch for over a year. If I wanted to tell everyone I had that watch, I would have started a thread saying something to the effect of: "hey guys... I just bought a new watch."

I have gone online to search for them, I've found a few. I was just asking if any of you on here are relatively knowledgable when it comes to watches.

elevationgain and haramdar, thanks for your input.




My gf just bought me a Seiko Kinetic, it was in that price bracket i think (well, ?190 sterling).

I love it, it's very stylish without being over the top, and is quite classic looking so is not going to go out of fashion. Seiko seem to have a good rep.




Fossil has some good watches too.


This one is nice.


hehehe years ago I had a calculator watch. Good times...math tests were easier..though I dont think the teacher thought it was funny (I was like 8 years old come on!!!)

Pros of Seiko: Kinetic energy = no need for battery.

Pros of Citizen Eco Watches: Utilize a special energy cell that gets power from !!ANY!! source of light, not just the sun = no need for battery replacement(unless kept in dark place for about half a year)