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Watches with multi alarms?

I have searched the mag for the word “watch” but it brings up way too many hits…

Have any of you used a watch that allows you to set it to beep at more than one time? Say every 2 & 1/2 hours (6 meals) so that you don’t forget to eat!? I can never remember to eat and I have only seen watches that have one alarm setting.

Also if there are watches that have that along with heart rate monitors, where can I find comparisions in the features and if you have tried some I would like to hear about your experience as they run about $200. And considering I have been using a $25 watch for the last 7 years… It’s an investment to me.

Just get an Ironman watch or something, set the countdown timer to 2.5 hours, and restart it every time it goes off. You have to reach to your watch to shut the alarm off anyway, so its not like touching the ‘start’ button again is gonna be a pain. Peace. - PJ

How about when your watch goes off you just set it right away for 2 and a half hours later

Most timex ironman watches have a timer mode that can be set to countdown and repeat. It will just repeat over and over until you stop it. They are good watches I think and not too expensive.

I also would like to find a stopwatch/timer with the possibility to program it to bep at set intervalls, like ones a minute to use in my training. I don´t want to restart it every time since I think that this breaks the rythm in the training.
Any good ideas for brands which have the desired funktions ?

Actually, the Timex Ironman that I had years ago (they may have changed) had a sub-function on the countdown timer that allowwed it to repeat automatically, without having to restart it. Of course, you’d want to stop it at night. Casio makes several watches with multiple alarms. I had one (forget the name, but it had a 100 lap timer that computed mph per lap) that had 3 seperate alarms. Wasn’t too expensive – about $50 about 7 years ago. You’ve got a lot of choices. Check Casio’s website (www.casio.com). Also, the Timex Datalink might do the trick, some models run around $70. Check out Timex’s “Watch Finder” on www.timex.com. I’m sure there are other out there.