Watch This Stand-up Comic Video

Hi ya’ll please watch this video and if you have time leave a comment on if you liked it or not, would you pay to watch this guy perform, was he funny?


Sorry, not funny; couldn’t be arsed to watch past halfway.

Yea, I watched about 2 minutes of it … it just sounds like he’s telling people boring stories. He seems like that guy you don’t want to get cornered by at a party and listen to his inane babbling about nothing all night.

That was awful.

Yer pretty rubbish, I didn’t even know what he was talking about.

Pretty dam bad. It wasn’t you was it? He’s short, that’s not funny it’s sad. That’s like saying haha I have cancer. It’s just not funny.

…I couldn’t get past 29 seconds. That was painful.

Honestly the material wasnt horrible, it just seemed to take forever for some reason. The pace was “off” if you know what I mean. Use fewer words, stop dropping the F bomb all the time, stop saying the word “right?”, you are saying the word “like” every 4th word at times.

Basically the act needs to be polished quite a bit. The delivery wasnt very compelling either for some reason, probably because the act wasnt polished enough. Another 50 times in the mirror.

You may even want to work on a “character” that delivers the lines in a certain way… Not saying you need to Bobcat Goldthwait it or Gilbert Gottfried, but look at how Dane cook or Brian Regan deliver the lines. They dont talk like that in real life, but they use a “funny” cadence to deliver the jokes, the later being one of the better standups ever, in my opinion.

polo is right

its like the drunk dude that just babbles, creeps and cockblocks you


He should like, say like some more, like duh.

Fucking idiot.

You ever see a five foot seven guy…

You ever see a fice foot seven guy…

You ever see a five foot seven guy…

You ever see a five foot seven guy…

You ever see a five foot seven guy…

I think he should keep his day job.

Let me know where I can send the bill for the 5 min I spent watching that.

I think this guy was hoping for people to reply a little sooner. lol

Haha. Glad I read that. The only thing to redeem watching that shit.