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Watch the Waist


Hey y'all,

I just want to say I really don't like my waist. Basically I have that swimmers body type with the long mid section, good for swimming but pretty detrimental when it comes to bodybuilding - at least I knew from pretty early on that I wasn't going to make it as a pro. Anyway, fat just builds ups on there more than anywhere on my body.

Now I'll admit my diet is far from desired (I'm a college student) but I have a pretty high metabolism. I was lanky up until I graduated from high school and then I started giving training and eating more priority. Right now I'm around 235-240 at around 15%+ bf, I really can't be fucked or see any merit in devoting any time to properly measure myself. My judge is the mirror and I don't like what I see when I look at my mid section.

So with that in mind what's my course of action from here? Is losing fat in general and just adopting a cleaner diet the only way to cut fat from my waist? Currently I'm kind of in a maintaining/slowly growing process because I have a lot of things to juggle and I'm not really concerned with my diet, just getting in enough protein and not gorging myself on Snickers bars. As of right now I don't have the means to go on a proper cut or maintain any sort of clean diet. I need a lot of food to grow and although I try to eat the best foods I can, I basically eat anything to get the calories in.

In summary, is my genetic predisposition to gain fat around my mid-section just something I'll have to deal with as long as I don't have a cleaner diet? If so, what are some small changes I can make to start getting on the right path?



Find the biggest hill near your college and sprint up it multiple times until you want to puke every night before you go to bed. it's not the best way to lose fat, and its not scientific, but its one simple thing you can do every day. it doesnt take long either, just get out there and run then go to bed. i did this one summer and lost 25 lbs of body fat that i gained freshman year of college. Even after that though, I wasn't really lean, cause I didnt have a clean diet.

It's easier to eat clean that to try to out train a really shitty diet. Theres gotta be stuff you can do to clean up your diet.


First, stop making excuses. Genetics, College student. Stuffing yourself with crappy food because you need calories. Those are excuses.

Next, clean up your diet. This is not a request, just do it. You don't want to do it, then there is nothing anybody here can do to help you.

Then, keep things simple. Stop thinking you need to be a a "program" to loose weight. It doesn't take a PhD to do it. Just a little time, dedication and consistency. Thinking "Lifestyle" as oppose to "Diet" makes things simpler.

Working out will also help. Lift shit up, put it down, add some weight. Again, keep it simple.

Depending on your dedication, you will have that body you dreamed of in a year or two.


I dont know if that has anything to do with the "long torso" bodytype, if that even is a bodytype, but yeah.... I have a long torso and I gain most (if not all) of my fat in the "spare tire" area. That area is always the last spot to lean up (apparently it has something to do with insulin sensitivity?)

The thing that you need to do is clean up your diet. You already know thats what you need to do, I'm just confirming it (along with other posters)
Hit up some sort of cardio. Doing hill sprints every day is definitely NOT something I would recommend but you could easily hit them up twice a week. If you dont have a big hill I'm sure your college has a stadium or some sorts and you could run the stairs... KILLER workout right there.

Just clean up your diet, keep the intensity high while lifting and add in some cardio and you'll drop some BF. You dont have to be on an all out "cut" diet to drop some belly fat. Good luck man.


Being. A student doesn't mean you have to eat bad. It means you need to learn how to buy groceries.

The stuff you buy now has a healthy alternative for the same price I'm sure.

Follow a diet of a cleaner variety and you should trim down.

You can train til you pass out everyday but if the diet doesn't support your goal you won't see the desired result....

You need to train heavy and hard while eating clean

That's all


I have a long torso as well. Eat less. Excercise more.


What does all this eat "clean" stuff mean? It comes down to calories and macros...count them. There's no such thing really as "dirty" food and "clean" food...just certain foods..i.e. whole foods are easier to count in terms of calories and macros and are overeaten far less...and also contain more micronutrients.

Train hard...figure out how many calories you need for your goals..figure out protein requirements for your weight..and then figure what you prefer best in terms of the energy macros. And count them all..this doesn't mean you can't eat ice cream..it means that you need to know how much ice cream you are eating and accurately count how much of your calories/macros it has taken up.

I recommend that you do eat the majority whole foods because well as I said before...it's far easier to accurately figure how much of them you are consuming and they offer more health benefits due to micronutrient content.

People can eat extremely "clean" ..all whole foods..and if they don't have an idea of how many calories they consume..I promise you, even they will gain fat.


Lets not turn this into this sort of debate:

"so if you eat an entire tub of ice cream and it comes out to be 3,000 calories thats going to be the same as eating 3,000 calories from chicken, rice and salad?"

Telling the OP to try and cut out the ice cream, snickers and soda ("cleaning up your diet") is solid advice.


Really though? It turns into debates when someone takes what I wrote, and then turns it into something far more extreme. Greg, you're smart enough to know that my post was in no way stating a 3000kcals of ice cream is the same as 3000kcal of rice/chicken. I went as far as to say that whole foods are the preference due to their micronutrient content and the ability to accurately realize how many calories you are consuming.

I was just really surprised that not one person asked the OP how many calories he consumes, what his macros look like etc? I'm just trying to give my opinion and genuinely help the OP...I'm not trying to start debates and make blanket claims that a calorie of cream equals a calorie of broccoli.. But, calorie IS king..How can we help the OP and how can he help himself if he doesn't know how much he's eating?


I understand what you were saying... I was just trying to head off the "its all about calories in vs calories out" debate before it started.

the OP said this

so thats why I didnt ask him about his macros/cals. Op "doesnt have the means to maintain any sort of clean diet" so he just needs to eat less of whatever he's eating and try to cut out some of the junk.


Good point, man. Sorry brahhh

To the op: How do you have no means to maintain any sort of clean diet? Do you live in a twinkies factory? Come on man.. This is piss poor at best. Sure..someone can get into relatively decent shape..even pretty good shape (depending on genetics etc) with no real counting of cals or macros or really being "concerned with diet" ...but, I can't see someone getting into really great or exceptional shape with that kind of attitude or that kind of take on nutrition. How do you know what to tweak, what's working and what isn't working, whether you should increase/decrease food intake and on and on..how can you answer any of these questions for yourself without knowing what you're really eating?

What I don't get is..why start a thread asking for dietary advice when you explicitly claim you have no means maintaining a clean diet..and aren't really that concerned with diet other than protein requirements.. Uh, what was the point of starting the thread? Just so others can respond by telling you NOT to eat a lot of snickers?


Thought it was obvious that "eat cleaner" meant "drop cals"


The only way to lose that fat is to get lean all over man, and if you don't have the size to look good lean then getting the size should be your focus