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Watch the Throne


So Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborated on a studio album called Watch the Throne which was released today.


01. No Church in the Wild (featuring Frank Ocean)
02. Lift Off (featuring Beyonc�©)
03. Niggas in Paris
04. Otis (featuring Otis Redding)
05. Gotta Have It
06. New Day
07. Prime Time
08. Who Gon Stop Me
09. Murder to Excellence
10. Welcome to The Jungle
11. Sweet Baby Jesus (featuring Frank Ocean)
12. Love You So

Anyone listen to it yet? Thoughts?




When 2 artist that are of such high calibre get together to make an album it better be AMAZING. anything less will be considered a flop IMO.


Listened to each song twice so far. There are some very good ones, however, like most albums, i'll need to listen to the album at least 2 or 3 more times before i can really figure out how good it is.


I've listened to H.A.M and Otis a couple of times now and in my opinion they're good at best, wavering on that average to good line. Of course that's relative to the high standard you'd expect from Jay-Z and Kanye, collaberating none the less.

However, I liked Game's Uncle Otis and Papoose's Otis remix better than the actually Watch the Throne tracks I've heard. Seems like the album might expose Kanye as an inconsistent MC and get people to start think Jay might have to call it quits soon.

I dunno. I don't think the album would have gone anywhere if it wasn't for the name recognition.


I don't think kanye will be around for much longer. His last album seemed to point to his death.

Just my thoughts, move along.


I thought this was an A Game of Thrones thread.




I haven't bought a new hip hop album in like 3 years (except for Ghostface).

I don't know, maybe it's the redundancy and dilution of the whole genre, but I just can't really get excited about any hip hop album anymore.

There hasn't really been any innovation within the genre for a long time and it seems all the themes, lyrics, flows, beats are all recycled and hackneyed.

I guess I got really bored with hip hop after Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool"

I mean I like that kind of hip hop, but I couldn't even get excited over his new album, and I listened to a few of the songs and just thought, man I'm let down by all of these rappers. Shit, even the Roots feel like they're forcing it now-a-days.

I find myself only listening to songs from between '92 - 2008 ... and most of that is between '92-2001

I've tried only listening to underground/backpacker type shit, but most of those rappers just seem kind of pretentious (with the exception of MF Doom).

Speaking of Doom, I'd have to say he's probably the only rapper/producer out there who I actually really like anymore. Doom's the shit...




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It very well may have been his best album, and that is the opinion of the majority. The album was widely successful and received very strong reviews.


I agree, but I mean if you watch the "Power" music video, I don't know, I just get the vibe that he's predicting his own death.


Games of Thrones is gay.


I did like the single Otis, but thought it was nothing special.


Doom recently teamed up with Masta Ace to record a collab album called MA_DOOM. I think it's go to be out soon, keep a look out - it's going to be sick!