Watch Out For Those Stairs!

Today this morning I did a ten minute EDT front squat session. Later I showered and then left my dorm to get something to eat. This requires going down four flights of stairs. On the first or second one (I forget) I stumbled a bit and would have fallen down if I hadn’t grabbed onto the banister!
It kinda reminded me of that scene from Unbreakable when Sam Jackson’s character falls down the subway stairs.

. . . So . . . watch out!

Because gravity can really GET ya!

Hah I’ve nearly fallen down stairs after some of my first squat sessions.

I have had this problem, only worse … After a heavy squat workout, my legs just gave out going down stairs and I ended up twisting my ankle and getting a bad ligament strain. Took months to heal.

Jesus! I’ve learned to always do some very light warm-down after heavy squats. Or after any taxing leg workout or event. What do you think marathon runners do after finishing a race? Drink some water and call it a day?

I wish I knew the science behind this, it’s interesting how a muscle reacts going from being under a lot of stress for a long time to practically none.