Watch Out for That Medicine Ball


Bodybuilders should stick to barbells :wink:

When I was 14, I was doing overhead tosses with a medicine ball and the fucking thing came down and landed on my face, just about knocked me the fuck out. Fuck Jumpsoles.


ouch, dont those things weigh like 30-40lbs?

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
ouch, dont those things weigh like 30-40lbs?[/quote]

nah typically 8-12 lbs, they do go lighter and heavier, but 18 might be the heaviest I’ve seen

Now that guy knows how to handle huge blue balls in his hands…

I can relate to that bloke…my old med ball had no bounce at all was fckn awesome til it burst…got a new one that was 8kg,tried my first slam fck me bounced so fast it smacked of my jaw…ouch!!!

ha ha ah ah ah hhahhahha ahaha ah

Why can’t this shit happen in my gym?

This is why I don’t do crazy shit in the gym, because I know my clumsy ass would end up eating that ball too.

(Wow that sounds pretty bad.)