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Watch Out for Fake Gear


Hey guys, I started a thread a while ago with my stats and my proposed 1st test cycle. I got fucked over and got sold fake gear which turned out to be injectable DHEA. I got my blood work done to verify this while on what was supposedly 500mg of testosterone a week.

My DHEA levels were about 5 times that of normal according to saliva testing and my free testosterone was just a few points above normal levels. I will post numbers if you want but it seems many aren't familiar with saliva testing ranges so I figure there is no need to confuse everyone. Needless to say I got off the stuff.

I also checked my am and pm cortisol since I did some searching on the net that lead me to some research that stated that DHEA lowers cortisol levels and this rung true again as my cortisol levels were very low but in "normal" range throughout the day.

Here's what I noticed for the few weeks that I was "on" what I believe was a hefty dose of inj. DHEA.

. No apparent muscle gain or performance enhancing property what so ever.
. Slight Shrinkage in gonads
. Some acne on back (Never had acne anywhere on my body prior to this)
. Puffy nipples (Same thing. Never felt this before)
. Low Libido
. No weight gain
. Horibble sleep and night sweats (This has never happened to me before)

Don't really know if this will benefit anyone, just sharing my experience hoping it can contribute to some knowledge. I really wish that I would of tested my E2 levels as I feel the DHEA did increase them substantially, hence my puffy nipples.

I ran .25mg of Anastrozole E2D for about 8 days and the problem subsided although my libido seems dead (no morning wood, etc). Starting this endeavorer was a major disappointment and sort of regressed my progress (not to mention the money wasted).

I urge anyone who wishes to supplement with AAS to be 150% confident in there source before taking any further steps. Good luck brothers.


I think that's what source check boards are for.


I got my sources 3 diff ones from a source check board. All had good feedback. All were scammers.


this is why i cant understand the reason we cant talk about various brands , and or post pics back in the day i was on one of the first discussion boards and we discussed brands and the nuances that would separate the bogus from the real, just dont get it............ we should be able to discuss brands and not sources not sure y we cant


Same here. The board I used was pretty reputable supposedly.


I should imagine its because T-Nation is an open forum. Maybe having the source threads under a members only section could work. IMO its to protect the legit suppliers and the interest of T-Nation/Biotest...