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Please, watch them tonight, it has been great so far as they have trouble understanding why things are going the way they are going.

Maddow, Matthews, Oberman all together analyzing results.

Great fun!


Got their top people on it, I see...?


The very sight of Oberman and Maddow makes me nautious, they look Village People rejects to me. I just heard Blanche Lincoln lost to Boozeman.


So....watching this crawl on the bottom of the screen...the only landslide victories I've seen for the dems have been on Illinois...hmm......


Wait...did that socialist clown just say that if Paul doesn't vote to allow us to borrow and spend more money we don't have, he will be responsible for a world wide depression......


Correction Schultz...Rand Paul wont be a problem for the Republicans...he'll be a problem for the Republicrats...


I officially love this woman.


While he was saying this my eyes lit up! DO IT RAND! CRASH THIS FUCKING POS! Then we can all start over and all these fucks in suits can get thier skulls cleaved like in the french revolution. Let me eat cake my ass! Motherfuckers are gonna taste thier own balls when I kick them up into thier throats. Haha just kidding, but the look of real fear on that assholes face just really fired me up.

I did watch MSNBC for a little here and there, and to be honest CNN had really good coverage. They were constantly talking about the Tea Party impact, and they actually had a little excitement in thier tone. Thay had Rand pauls speech, Rubios speech and had Rand on for an interview along with Jim DeMint. I was pleasantly surprised, does anyone know if CNN is sick of getting shredded in the rating and are finally going to jump off the liberal horse and start riding the Tea Party horse? Also thier graphics were the best, they reminded me of sports scores.

Good idea, Sports broadcasts already know how to present "competitions" to the public, don't try to reinvent the wheel like Fox. How many times did fox have to explain thier Graphics? Come On MAN! There are hundreds of races going on and your spending 30 seconds explaining to me what light blue and purple and pink mean on your stupid map that is WAY too blurry to discern anyways?



I was channel flipping all night and I swear, it was like the third grade over at MSNBC. Nothing but name-calling, smarmy comments and all the typical blather you could expect. It was like a tidal wave of smug with the trifecta of Maddow, Olbermann and Mathhews. Just sickening how nasty and mean those three are, why on Earth do they have their own shows?


It was pure comedy. Obermann was visibly pissed and that send a tingle up my leg!


I wish Reid lost to Angle, that would have been epic. Not sure how he pulled it through at the last minute.




I couldn't take but bits and pieces of their coverage.

It was horrible.



Watching Oberman complain is like watching a train wreck.


Is "CNN" part of the mainstream "liberal" media?

Oh well...

I've watched "CNN" for some time now. They not only keep up with the latest technological advances in reporting (They have taken "The Minority Report" matrix to the next level...pretty cool)...and you will often get "minute-by-minute" updates and commentary.

I've also liked the diverse panel they will often have on hand.

Probably not perfect...but good coverage nonetheless.



Again..."MSNBC" (which I watched BRIEFLY to see what you guys were talking about)...was nothing short of painful.

Coverage was poor...opinions were FAR too biased...there was too much rambling...



I watched some MSNBC election night. Holy fucking shit was that terrible. It was right around Christine O'Donnell's concession speech and afterwards, Olbermann and Maddow just belittled her, saying stuff like "That was a concession speech" blah blah blah, and other jabs at her/Tea party. No depth in their thinking at all.

MSNBC = terrible.

Fox/CNN = not as bad.



Yep, MSNBC is the flip side of Fox. They picked a "side" and nothngs going to get in the way of promoting it.


Actually no, Fox treats the opposition with dignity and respect. MSNBC is Far more left than fox is right and they are douchers. At least the prime time asshats. Morning Joe is a good show though.



Souix should like this....John Steweart covered the MSNBC Election guys last night....basically saying the same shit we did here. Pointing out how absolutely lame and childish they were for acting like babies the whole time.