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Watch Baby Eagles Hatch!

Another anti-stress way to spend some time (hope this works):

A baby eaglet is in the process of hatching right now, another two eggs are in the nest.

…does not seem to work that way, so Google Sauces Bald Eagle, click on the bald eagle nest cam link.


punnyguy, if you are interested in birds.

I saw this pair of Great Horned Owlets last spring at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve. Gorgeous. I took pictures, but mine aren’t nearly as nice as this one. These are the actual babies, taken with a much better lens. I didn’t get to see them hatch.


Also, if you are really into seeing birds nesting. One of my best memories was hiking into this box canyon in Ouray Co. There are black swifts who nest in caves and behind waterfalls, and against steep canyon walls. That year, some of the chicks were nested right against the canyon wall, at eye level from this raised walkway. Ouray is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.


Pic of a Black Swift from the web. The chicks are little fuzzballs.


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Thanks for all the good info Powerpuff!

I have a two monitor setup, and the eagle live cam is on one monitor constantly. A couple days old and the two eaglets are play fighting constantly, it’s hilarious! A great video clip is on facebook of Papa eagle sitting on the newly hatched babies hearing/seeing some jays(?) (which apparently steal eggs) and spreading out his wings (like in flight) to cover up everything!

The general website is explore dot org, they have live cams of everything nature/animal related you can imagine -it’s really amazing.

I’m actually a city boy through and through. When I venture into nature I take guided trips (a la Backroads type stuff) where they pamper you…I’m high maintenance LOL!

I have two dream trips on my bucket list -the stereotypical African safari trip, and the not so stereotypical hiking trip where they have to helicopter you to the trails! “Helihiking” as opposed to “heliskiing” I guess.

edit to add: there are eagles with eggs due to hatch around April 1 I believe, the Decorah (Iowa) eagles, for anyone interested

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Here’s one that is local to me.


Their presence here is a real come from behind story for Mother Nature. The nest is in the epicenter of the 20th century steel making giant.

She cleans up pretty good!