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Watch Any Paranormal Shows?


Do any of you watch or are into any of the paranormal shows on TV?

I am a huge fan of Ghost Adventures and a new show called the Dead Files.

Have any of you hunted ghosts or anything paranormal before?




Add Ghost Hunters and Ghost Lab to the list. Paranormal witness seems pretty interesting as well.

I can't say I've ever been on any "investigations," but my friends and I used to go out exploring abandoned houses and what not when I was younger.

That Zach guy on Ghost Adventures can be fairly douchey.


Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth.

Both pretty much suck and I know they're staged but it's entertaining.


I watch them all......I also write critiques for two different sources on the shows, primarily on the investigative techniques.

Here is the sad but true facts, all of the shows including Ghost Hunters have had instances of faking evidence and/or doing dramatic scene re-shoots.

Ghost Hunters caved into the pressure to have more evidence show up, since they have been outed on youtube and other former cast members did tell-all stories, they have reverted back to their original formula and you now have shows where they are doing more debunking and that there are some shows where the evidence just isn't there.

Ghost Lab....they claim to be scientific, not so much, LOL

The Dead files has shown some promise, however I'm concerned that the staff "feeds" the pyschic girl hints to get her to catch on to what they are trying to extract, for example in the first one I saw the guy who did the murder was in prison and she kept saying that there was an evil spirit and didn't change her story until the assistant kept asking and getting more pointed "is the person you are channeling dead or alive", finally she said " I think he may be alive" and the assistant, obviously relieved said, "maybe so"......

the problem with all of these shows is:
First.) there is no "control shot" i.e. camera outside the filming lines where they can film and watch the entire production including the film crew/staff. Also while they do use "time stamps" we don't have any access to verify that the scenes shot and the evidence extracted take place as shown due to lack of the control shots.

Second.) The investigative time frame is really too small, why just 8-9 hours? The best method is to use time lapse over several days. Also why at night, other than it is dramatic....if you notice most stories and occurances of the paranormal happen to people during the day......there is no rule that the ghost can only play at night.

Third.) Selective sampling.....they expect you to accept evidence of paranormal every time they get a "positive" response to "make a noise" i.e. a knock, etc.........with that assumption then you must accept that every time that they don't get a response is a "negative" or a "fail", and therefore when compared, the positive responses are usually minimal to the overall sample.

Fourth.) The use of scientific equipment for things it was not designed for and then claim that they are using sciencetific techniques......the most obvious misuse is of the thermal camera's......Ghosts by all descriptions are "cold" or " are less than air".......therefore, in most cases they should show up as colder, not hotter than the those items around them, and also they more than likely would not have a temperature at all, and therefore not be detectable by the camera.

I could go on and on..............but in summary most of the shows have been corrupted by producers and the need for ratings/drama. I do beleive many of these guys people have good intentions.

I also believe there is some things that are paranormal and are difficult to explain, that is why I hate to see the process all fucked up on some of these shows......

anybody else got ideas?


Yesterday, I picked up an EVP on the voice recorder I have set up in the gym. It was hard to make out, but I think it said .............go..............deadlift..............more.........


I am one of those dumbasses that do believe in spirits. I seen some odd shit when I was young.

Now the TV or internet ghost hunting stuff, ummmmm naaaaaa. I can't get into it. ITs dark...James did you hear that....Bob yeah I heard that omg omg omg run. Yeah.

18yrs ago I had to go to Haiti for work. That is one freaking spooky place. Fuck all the Humanitarian shit you see on TV that place freaked me out at night. You can see fire burning in the hills at night. And sometimes I think just to fuck with us they would chant and leave bed sheets with writing in blood near our HQ.


Ghost Adventures was real entertaining and almost believable until they screwed it all up. If my history is correct, American Indians and the early Spanish missionaries did not know English back in the lat 1500's and early 1600s. Well Zach had a recording on is EVP that came from one of the oldest Spanish missions still standing that was supposedly an Indian. It was in English. Is that even possible?


not to derail the thread but....

my dick really hurts when i pee. advice?


This arose also on the Ghost Hunter International show........There are literally hundreds of examples on youtube showing either the out and out staging of BS and/or poor editing.

I have submitted two investigative techniques that some investigators have gone to. First,You use a digital recorder and an old tape type recorder in the same area, if there are EVP's in that area should be on both machines. The second is use several recorders over two or more days, just recording without anyone present to set a "baseline" of sounds. Then see if any of the baseline sounds show up on the EVP tapes......this is difficult to follow where you have places where people live/work, but for remote and abandoned areas it has proven to be rather helpful. It was used most recently in the Iowa cornfield where the DC 10 crashed.


Watch Dead Files.


total buzzkill lol. Although I agree with what you are saying.


Ghost Hunters is still pretty lame.

I'm extremely annoyed that they seem to hear shit not even dogs could, and that the camera men that follows them around NEVER see anything or get anything on tape.

"Let's investigate this area...silence...DID YOU HEAR THAT ?! Runs away

Most of their EVPs are simply random sounds or static and they always hear a phrase or a voice, and it's aways in english, even when investigating places in Romania or Russia and so on.

"Alright let's play this EVP"


"Dude, rewind that part"


"I think it's saying "GET OUT", turn on the volume and isolate it."


"Yep, it's telling us to get out."


Is ghost adventures staged?


Yes, stop putting it in other mens pooper holes.


Where can I see evidence of these shows staging or exxagerating their evidence?

I was a huge fan of GA but lately it just seems to be so boring. Ony EVP's and Zak's over dramatic narration is just getting old.

Dead files has been catching my attention as of late.

What ever happened to Paranormal State? Now these guys in my opinion were the real deal.


don't have cable or satellite so does Supernatural count? the female demons are hawttt!

if you're really into the paranormal check this site and go find and film you're own show. I've been to some of the places such as Gurdon, Ark. walked the tracks and saw the light.


lots of places listed for Florida


In order to get a whole season of a TV show green lit you need to show that you have enough episodes ready to film....so how can a show about people hunting ghosts guarantee they will have 24 episodes ahead of time?


After watching the white noise movie, I tried to record something, but shit, the moment I put my headphones on, my heart raced to something about 300 so in order to avoid a heart attack, stopped.



I tried to do the same thing. Walked into an abandoned building and set a recorder. I listened for 1 minute then stopped and never touched the tape again.