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Watch and Listen, Go Train


That kid really throws his punches and kicks from the hips huh?


every punch looks like it could kill you…i like 1:43 double kick, and 2:45 that move looks crazy.

Look I love MMA but why is this posted in the bodybuilding forum?

[quote]Hagar wrote:
Look I love MMA but why is this posted in the bodybuilding forum? [/quote]

The MMA forum is full?

This guy is a one man demolition team. Impressive indeed.

Dekkers is a bad, bad, man. It’s muay thai, by the way, but still in the wrong forum.

The best combination of hips, timing, rock solid foundation, and balance I have ever seen.

These are qualities that set great athletes apart from good athletes.

This Kid was born to fight.

He also could have been a great baseball player with these qualities. He would have had unbelievable bat speed and power with those hips.

Thats some POWER on them punches and kicks!

What’s the best forum here to post w/regard to MMA and fighting in general? The opener says its home to MMA guys but there’s no forum for it. Maybe not enough call for it here?

Most of the MMA and combat sport stuff is in the strength sports section. At least thats what ive observed

Even though I’ve seen this before, it DEFINATELY reinforces my thoughts of going back to muay thai. Sure I wanna be a big bad strong powerlifter but I love to fight so muay thai here I come.

[quote]Headhunter wrote:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3R4xtjl5b4&mode=related&search= [/quote]

Holy shit.

I know next to nothing about Muay Thai but this guy is self-evidently badass.

I can’t even imagine going punch for punch with this dude. He is frightening to watch.