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Wat should I do?

Im 17… Iv been workin out for bout 2 months… Im 6’1 and 208… I can bench 200… I Have been reading and Most supplements i cant take cause of my age. and They say it your stunt my growth… Should i worry bout this? Is ther anything i can take? With out bein harmed by them? and if there is wat? thanks

Sure, there’s plenty you can “take”.

It’s called FOOD and you should be eating plenty of it to go along with your hard training. :wink:

The one thing you definately should take is an english class. lol.

As far as supplements go, you can safely take protein powders, Surge (i.e., post-workout nutrition), and creatine. The first two are essential for anyone who is weight training and I don’t really think of them as supplements. Keep in mind though, that supplements are meant to supplement (add too) an already solid regime.

Kenetix…I wanted to say EXACTLY what you said haha english class would really be a good idea,as well as protein powder,and surge

You can probably take ZMA. It will insure your T-levels are good without messing with your hormonal pathways. I asked a doctor about taking it at a young age, and he said it was not a problem. I’ve been taking it since I was about 17 and I’m 6’8’’ 265 lbs right now (so I don’t think it stunted my growth). However, the other guys are right, eating enough protein is by far the best way to put on muscle. So check to make sure you are getting enough before you start thowing money down for other supplements.

i have to disagree here a little bit. surge and a good protein powder are damn effective supps to have in the arsenal but they are not essential. especially for someone that is 17.

pick a nice training program such as “big boy basics” and a diet like “massive eating” and youll grow like a weed!

the supps are optional.