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Wasting Money


I am so tiered of waisting my money on the next best supplement on the market. I have been training hard for about 2 years and my strength has not increased much. I always hit the same walls with wights. I have tryed almost everything. I am needing advise on over coming the walls I hit. Please help any info would be greatly welcomed.


How are you training? Are you doing the typical Muscle and Fiction or Flex magazine pump and prim bullshit? Maybe you just need an attitude and priority adjustment. The fact that you seem so obsessed about finding the "silver bullet" leads me to believe that's true. There is no magical fix, you just need to cut the bullshit and get stronger.

In which case you're already monster strong, in which case I find it hard to believe you'd be asking this question.

So, instead of asking about drugs or supplements, why not lay out your training and diet and let people critique that first?

How much can you squat, deadlift and bench? How much can you curl for reps?


Stats, goals, diet?


Post your training plan and diet. I'm sure a number of people would be happy to assist. Keep in mind, there are basically five things you have to do right to succeed, not doing ALL of them will lead to suboptimal results:

1) Lift weights with an intelligent plan, periodization, and mostly large compound movements.
2) Have proper nutrition including controlling your calories and macronutrient intake. Insulin management will be a key part of whatever plan you devise.
3) Perform energy systems work (also known as cardio) regularly, making sure to choose a type and amount relevant to your goals.
4) Get proper amounts of rest, both in general, and from training.
5) Use correct supplementation for your goals, at a minimum protein, creatine, and fish oil.


pick up your skirt, grab your balls, and move some f-ing weight


Yeah, he shouldn't try to figure out what his problem is - your macho stud cliche advice ought to take care of everything. Maybe he can crush a few empty beercans against his forehead before each set, just to cover all his bases. Grrr!!!


First of all, I wouldn't recommend anyone drink and/or smash beer cans on their heads. Neither is condusive to packing on muscle or getting lean, whatever the goal may be.

If you read any of his post:

You would know what I am getting at. He has spent 2 years wasting money on the next best supplement. This would seem to indicate a lack of effort on his part (and probably nutrition). He spent two years of lifting looking for a magic bullet.

Also, if his strength has barely budged in TWO years, and as he says "has tried almost everything", that also indicates a lack of effort and/or willpower to push oneself further.

Dance around the subject all you want, give him all the advice you want, but without the effort from him, nothing will change


Me and tdog305 are on the same page with this.Step up boss!!You know you can,you don't need a cheer leader.Get up and take it man.
Discipline,sacrifice,..........If you want it bad enough,you'll do what it takes to get there.

Get swole pimp!