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Wasted Workout?


Hi all,

Today the gym was overcrowded and I barely had the time to start my pressing working set before I had to go. Should I resume my workout tomorrow or should I wait for my muscle to recover even if the workout was not completed ?



Good chance to learn how to listen to your body.

If you lightly taxed it, it should be able to recover within a day (for example, I noticed doing 20 push ups doesn't really hamper my workout on the following day).

If you did enough work to require a certain recovery time, you'll either have to drop the intensity or wait it out.

No one can really say more based on how vague your original post was.


if all you have done are the 'warm up' sets, then i would say yes. go ahead and hit it again tomorrow. if you didnt get to working sets then your muscles have not been taxed enough IMO to allow a full recovery.

thats just what they are. working sets, and if you have not worked then no need to recover. unless, however, you are warming up improperly and pre-exhausting- in that case, search "warm up" and there are many a good article on the subject


Pretty much this.

If you did some warm-up work and one or two "work" sets (a fraction of your entire intended workout), I certainly wouldn't consider that a legit workout.

Very much this.

It depends on exactly what you did in there. If you only did one work set, but it was a near-max grinder with two rest-pause reps, that's different than if you just did a straight set of 12 not to failure.

Also, look at it as a lesson in better time management. If you step into the gym and see it's crazy crowded, realize ahead of time that that you might not be able to stick to your game plan as-is, so you'll have to make adjustments. Depending on exactly how much time you did have available, and your training goals, you could've made a session work instead of stressing over this non-issue.

I'm curious... since you started this thread yesterday and were considering training today, what did you end up doing?


I stayed home and did one arm push-up progressions after reading a few recent articles here.

I guess you are right, I should have been able to adapt myself and get I good workout.

Chris Colucci; quick question about the bent press.
Am I supposed to rotate and get under the weight at the same time or rotate and then bend ?

Thanks everyone.


Ha, no prob, man.

If there's one thing I learned after working on that lift for three months, it's that there's no one "best" technique. To an extent, you've got a work with the basic idea and figure out what form (stance, depth, twist, etc.) works best for your own build. This is also, not coincidentally, what Arthur Saxon and Alan Calvert have also said about it.

In general, you get the weight to shoulder position and then bend/rotate (kinda at the same time, depending on how far apart your feet are) while bracing/folding the non-weight arm on that side's leg for support.