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Wasted HCG Shot?


So I have finally started HCG monotherapy yesterday. Looks like I got a bit excited and probably missed my SC injection if that is even possible?

Mixed my bac water and the drew up via a filter using amps. Then individual slin pins I went into the barrel drom behind and drew up the required amount. I don't have vials for my hcg so just bought some sterile glass bottles (20ml each) screw on top. I hope this is okay unscrew lid draw up bac water and screw lid back on.

Anyway I forgot to push the air out before injecting waa a small bubble there. Swabbed the site Next to my belly button about and inch to the side. Went in all the way (5/8 slin pin) injected and pulle out. Drop of blood came out nothing more. But today I can feel the injection site not much but definitely noticeable I injected there maybe a bruise.

Next time will not go as deep maybe half way and go below the belly button.

Did this HCG get wasted as I believe SC shots should really be pain free and never know you injected.


Not wasted by any means. Sometimes my SQ hurt worse than IM, really no rhyme nor reason that I can figure. I'll get some blood every once in a while, it just means you probably nicked a vein. Stay away from the belly button, though - you want to stay more like 2-3" from it. You can also hit your "love handles".


Well my next 2 shots no issue at all. Went in lower to my first shot no blood and painless a very faint sting and that is all. My first shot came up with a bruise so yeah, went through a capillary.

On a side note, does anyone find HCG supresses your appetite? Like damn, I really have to force feed myself otherwise 2 meals would do me. Maybe not related to the hcg but damn I always had to force myself to eat but now this is ridiculous. I'll give it more time and see if it settles, just wondering if anyone has experienced this?