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Wasted $12


Bought a new belt on sale 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Ended up wasting the $12 that the new belt cost because I am now on the last (smallest) notch now :slight_smile: That and I need the belt to keep the size 32 jeans from falling down now too :slight_smile:

Weight has been staying consistent as well which I am very happy with (in other words I have stayed at 190lbs. while waist is decreasing)

Anyone else buy some new clothes that only a couple weeks later are ready for modification,garage sale or donation?


All the time, but I don't go down sizes.


congratulations on your skinniness!


What I was thinking.


Maybe it's a tapeworm?


no need to buy a new belt, just do what I did, drill another hole.


I did the same thing to two of my belts. One of them got too big the first time I cut alot of weight, and the other one I had to modify because I was gaining and my waist grew about 3 inches.


LOL, probably not a tapeworm, I'm currently at around 3500 calories. I'll stay at that until I hit my goal of a 12" drop right now. (44" coat, 32" suit pants).

On the plus side large t-shirts are getting too small, but those are stretchier than leather.

That's the plan!


Nothing screams hip like a $12.00 belt.

Clothing fail.


It could be for a blue collar job. Sucks it doesn't fit though.


Was a $20 belt on sale :-p

I am a cheap bastard.


Nothing screams gay like a man criticizing another man's wardrobe.

Hetero fail.


Lmao win.


I'm such an idiot ... it took me almost 3/4 of the way down the thread to realize you weren't talking about a lifting belt ... I need to get out more


Skinny guys make me sad.



x2. I was thinking, "Where the hell did he get that for $12, Elite isn't having a sale..."


I didn't realize it till I read your post. I need to get out at all.


Well we'll get along great then! :slight_smile:


Fantastic ... thanks for reaffirming that I'm not the only idiot out there