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Waste of Genetics


So my best friend and i have done just about everything together since we were 10. We have worked at the same jobs, played the same sports, everything. I have spent these last 12 years trying to compete with his God-given genetics. I have worked out, without much idea of what i was doing most of the time, since i was 12. I am 6'3'', and three years ago i weighed 155 lbs, at this same height. He weighs 185 and has for about 4 years. since three years ago, i have put on 50lbs and now weigh between 205 and 208lbs, I kinda figured out what i was doing with weights.

He hasn't done anything, in fact he mostly sits at his laptop. he still outdoes me at every act of strength, looks better, and has bigger muscles. he is 6' even. It's ridiculous. I have always wanting to get into bodybuilding, and he thinks it's disgusting, but he is sitting at 185, 7% body fat and if he looks at weights he get's bigger. Even though i outweigh him, his arms are still an inch bigger.

just felt like ranting. he took his shirt off 5 mins ago in my apt. and my girlfriend was over squeezing his well formed pecs. lol


And the following day....


So mean! lol


I'd be happy for him, dude hasn't had a girlfriend in 5 years.


True story


On a positive note biggie, growing up, my best friend was super smart, super athletic, and better than me at everything and she didn't really care or seem to give much effort--but she made me a better person because I was driven to compete with her.


One of the smartest guys I've ever met has 0 drive to better himself and is perfectly content working a menial job. He barely finished community college (took huge gaps between semesters) and works 3-4 days week as a grocery store clerk.

Some people are born with gifts but don't have the ambition to cash in on them.


In the same tone as deb's post, people such as your friend generally do not acheive as much in the long run. They lack the neccessary drive. So don't be too jealous.


We're you comparing upper or forearms?


That's it! EX-best friend!!

Have you trained together doing the same exercises? Even if you have, it's a bitter pill to realize different people have different tendencies. I'm sure you can trim up and look good, it'll just take more time than others need.

Myself, I've spent many years to get to the point that some lucky others start at. It can be done, but absolutely everything must be spot on - training, diet, rest. And be very careful of giving in to despair. It's the enemy.


Sorry man, I just had to. It was almost amazing how few words I had to change.


The most beautiful girl I have met in real life works as a hostess in a restaurant for like thirteen bucks an hour, totally natural playboy playmate material. Its mind boggling just zero ambition and/or recognition of what she's been handed. Waste.


haha, that's funny. scary, but funny.


I had a good friend like this too when I was 18. We lifted together, she had better definition than me, visible abs (teen mother with a toddler at the time) and was stronger by a long shot. Guess what, genetics are nice but when you get older they count for less and less of the big picture, unless the gifted one keeps it up. I know, I've seen her FB pics.

I'm happy with my average genetics. They are a constant reminder that I have to perform if I want to be better than what I was given biologically.


I'm hungry, where is said restaurant?


Santana row.
the french place.

She's gorg long long brown hair green eyes tan

She should be famous. She's a hostess.


I'll let you know if I agree.

PS: You see B Crawford rage tonight?


Did not see!
had retardedly long double at the gym.
Will it be on the local news? Its news time...


Maybe he's lifting secretly just to mess with you. I would.


op has a case of teh gheys for his friends well formed pecs