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Waste of aminos?

I have been readin Covert Bailey’s book “Smart Exercise” and I came to a paragraph where he explained that amino acid supplements are a waste of money because as soon as they reach your stomach, they are broken down and used for whatever the body needs them for and not for what the bottle says that they will be used for. Anyone hear anything similar?

Thats obvious bob. You need to feed the machine. Supplements help you do that. There is no legal supplement that will directly make your muscles bigger, or stronger. Your body uses the nutrients as needed.

Those companies that claim such things are wrong. But companies like biotest claim they promote processes i.e. muscle growth.

I personally wouldn’t buy supplements, but since I don’t have a multi-million dollar facility to create a formula to help with these processes, I’ll just sit on my ass, and pull out the credit card instead. :slight_smile:

that’s why aminos are taken in conjunction with simple sugars like in surge so as they are not converted into an energy source, but as anti-catabolics. laters pk