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Wassup Powerlifting Buddies


im new here names john from the bay area, just here trying to introduce myself and i had to come to T-Nation cause i was sick of this bodybuilding dungeon talking about diet, and diet... some kid came up with questions about i train with 5 lb. dumbells and will i get muscle and they come out with is your diet set that is really important and if so yes


The fuck you say, boy?


diet is important..



Was that even a coherent thought?


Could you re-post IN ENGLISH? Thanks, I'd like to understand what you're saying.


Take a couple of deep breaths.

Think about what you are wanting to say.

Don't get excited as you are saying it.

Now try again.


Why..just why...


Welcome. although when ur new u get the assholes hating on newbies.


put in your own commas people. Yeah bro, this site is cool, youll like it here


Capitalization and periods are also great.


im sorry i didnt write it in MLA format


People find it helpful when you fill in your profile data too.
Is 510 your bench then? Do you compete? Which fed? Where are you based?


Welcome Aboard


it would be handy if you could say all of that with a sentence so we could read it, or a business card :slight_smile:


in that particular case, diet would only be important if you were hanging that 5lb. dumbell from your balls


fuck off


Hey bro, welcome to the board bro, you sound like a real T-Man bro.


Big John, you should spend a little less time under the bar and a little more time in an English classroom.


thats a blasphemer statement


maybe you should spend more fucken time under the bar then trying to correct some ones spelling on a forum you stupid ass... what i meant to say in this post was i was tired of all these bodybuilding forums talking about having the perfect diet and decided to come here because i thought it would be better but its a bunch of assholes(this doesnt apply to everyone) who have nothing better to do then correct somewones spelling who doent have the time to be fucken putting periods and quotation marks