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Wasn't Impressed with Bikini


This was of course a brief observation.


Yeah weird choice, especially considering the absolute stunners in that division


Agree, I watched because I was waiting for Levrone, she should not have been below 5th, at best.


Isn’t bikini basically who the judges find the hottest?


I think Courtney won, not because she was the most muscluar or had the best body or anything like that. Rather, I think the judges were trying to back off the bikini division. Look at men’s physique. It started out as the “every-guy” division with really good conditioning…but it’s gotten away from that. I think the Bikini division started off similarly and got away from it. I felt the judges were trying to revert a little bit.

Ashley Kaltwasser getting 4th place baffled me though…


Yep and this one came fifth!..


Just because :smiling_imp: :

Posing is, err …well rehearsed!