Washington State

I am new to T-Nation and thought this might be a good place to find a workout partner. I am moving to the Bremerton, WA area in July and am looking for someone to workout with. I haven’t had a partner in years and I think that has been holding me back. I can only push myself so far without someone else to look at for motivation. I would be willing to drop my program and follow the one my partner would be using if it seemed effective and the lifting was heavy enough.

I am 5’10" about 230 (pretty sloppy but strong)
I do Max-OT right now and hit the following weight on the big 3:
Bench: 295 X 6
Squat: 425 X 5 (w/wraps do to knee injury)
Deadlift: 365 X 5 (new to this lift)

So I am not a monster but I am strong enough and motivated enough to hang with most. I just thought I’d put this out there.

Well, I’m not close to Bremerton (I live in Kirkland), but I go there for autocross on some weekends, so I’m familiar with it. Welcome!

Where are you moving from?

Goose Creek, South Carolina. I am originally from Washington so I will be going back home essentially.

Howdy Welcome! I’m too far away to matter. Welcome home.

I am in Bremerton. I’m an old guy who is getting over 3 shoulder surgeries and a blown lumbar disk over the past 3 years. I am way down in size and strength now but doing therapy and working my way back.

Let me know if you need any specific infomation.

A good gym would be an extreme help. Not a fancy pants shiny equipment gym though. I don’t like all the cardio equipment and social lifters standing around taking up space. If you know of a good gym with decent rates where people push iron not pick-up lines I would be ecstatic to hear about it.