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Washington State University?


I'm looking into grad programs right now and WSU is seems to be a good one. Any students in the psych program out there that can give me some feedback on the school?

How is it just in general terms as an area? What is life like out there?

night life?
anything will help


Pullman, baby, Pullman. Yeah. ROCK ON.


I'm liking this guy's reppin' skills!! You should be on the brochure for the school.


They don't allow the undead in Pullman. :slight_smile:

It is on the boarder of Idaho. There are lots of cool things to do near by if you like daylight and the outdoors, camping, fishing, skiing, etc., but cultural, urban-type activities--not so much. You would need to head across the mountains to Seattle for that. Nightlife consists mainly of college kids drinking and throwing up, pretty much like most small college towns. I have many relatives who went to school there and it is fine academically from what I am told.


My cousins went there one semester-this is thier winter break vid. They love us out there. lol

Thanks for the info on the living.


Anyone in psych grad at all?

at any school?


Finishing up my B.S. in psych at Va. Tech shortly..Loved doing the undergrad research in alcohol abuse here. Only 3 other grad schools in the country have a current faculty member doing research on the same topic: Appalachian State, Vermont and Washington State Universities. Judging by all the T.A.'s that taught my classes here, I will not be going to grad school for awhile, definately not in psychology and not at Tech or WVU (which are both ranked the same sadly). Had better psych professors in junior college, after that I wanted to go to WSU to study but it never fell through.

Hopefully I never have to go to grad school. Should be going into law/federal enforcement and possible reservist duty next.


I live in WA. Nightlife is good.
Tons of clubs/bars/raves all the time. From Olympia to Seattle, crazy nightlife and things to do. Beach is not too far away.


MQ, how is VTech, overall? I'm looking at going there once I get out of the Army. What exactly was wrong with the Psych Dept. at Tech? Feel free to PM if you prefer. Any info you give will be greatly appreciated.


Uh....WSU is on the other side of the state.


I live in Charlottesville, pretty close to Blacksburg/Va Tech, got a bunch of friends that absolutely love it. Ive been a few times, the campus is alright, blacksburg sucks, but roanake is close and isn't bad. I'm a lifelong UVA fan, so I hate tech... my friends love it though.

I had to chime in because of UVA vs Tech


Pretty much this ^^^

Think of WSU/Pullman as a college town island. You will have to travel a long way to find something other than "college town" environment. Except, of course, the outdoor activities Jack mentioned. It doesn't really seem like a place for you based on your internet persona but who knows. Are they offering you a stipend? That should make a big difference in your choice and is what got my wife & I up here. WSU offered her a full stipend while none of the other universities did.


You will pay for those words! To be honest, I completely forgot about UVA. I might see what they have to offer as well. I am favoring Tech, as most of my friends went there. Blacksburg isn't bad, either. Close to a lot of hiking trails and such. But, in the interest of fairness, I'll research UVA and Charlottesville as well. Thanks for the input!


Correction: UW and NOT WSU has grad research in alcohol abuse for their psych program. Confirmed that with my research advisor today.