Washington State Powerlifting Camp


I’m considering it. Would like to get some feedback, as I’m wondering if it’s even worhwhile. Here’s the info site:


Thanks in advance.

And one time, at powerlifting camp, I…

Jared is right… hahahaha, If your seriuos about powerlifting…your best bet is a Westside Barbell Seminar, you will learn the right things…and then take a Metal Militia Seminar…those guys will teach you how to bench press. I would rather take the money and spend it on equipment or books about lifting.

Oh, just to clarify, I was making no judgement on the value of the camp whatsoever. I was just being a smartass.

And running up my total.

That’s exactly what I wanted to know and knew that you guys would provide me the straight scoop.

Thanks, you two. And my sagitarious “learning nature” would just LOVE to go to a Westside or Metal Militia seminar, but they’re always held over there (closer to East coast) and that would cost me much $$.

sigh oh, to be independently wealthy…


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Oh, Patricia, I so feel your pain, Ms. CTandMikeMahlerCameToMyTownForAWorkshop.

I wouldn’t be too ctritical of this camp. Larry Maile is very experienced in handling lifters at world competitions. IPF World competitions are the biggest and toughest meets around, he knows what he’s doing. Also, his daughter Jen Maile is one of the best drug-free female lifters in the country. She’s very gifted in the deadlift, so I’m sure that should interest you, Patricia. I train Westside myself, but that doesn’t mean that westside seminars are the only ones worth visisting. We can and should learn from everyone. In fact, if you compete USAPL or some of the feds with strict judging criteria you will probably learn a lot from Larry (President of the USAPL). If this is the only seminar close enough to you then go for it.

too bad…living in the sticks up here in northwest Pa does have its advantages. Metal militia Holds all the local power lifting events. The onlything better than watching them bench, is getting kick ass training advice after the meet when we’re kicking back nice ice cold refreshments. They are absolutely some of the greatest guys when it comes to giving advice. You ask and they are more than happy to give advice.

If Larry Maile is hosting this camp you will learn a lot, and like Peyton said if you plan to compete in the USAPL you will have to structure your training a little diffirent and Larry Maile is the guy to teach you to that…Keep an open mind you can learn somthing new every day…Big Martin

“Oh, Patricia, I so feel your pain, Ms. CTandMikeMahlerCameToMyTownForAWorkshop”

I was just gonna say that one too. I so felt the need to cry in my soup with patricia about the east coast/west coast thing…


Folks, are we arguing a moot point here? The link says the camp is “January 2-4, 2003”.

Just asking…

T.E. Young

Peyton, no one is saying that you won’t learn at a seminar like that but i think anyone would agree that if your looking into seminars Westside will teach you how to tailor the program to your needs. If someone doesn’t have a strong foundation of knowledge then a seminar like that may just get them more confused than anything. At least with westside after the semiar you can contact Dave or anyone and they will help you along. I’m not saying that anyone at that semiar is not a great coach but those coaches are by the athletes sides from the beginning of training, so when problems occur they are fixing them instantly. THe lifter doesn’t have to troubleshoot it himself. I believe like you that the more you know the better but many people dont have a solid foundation to begin.

foobar: probably a typo, since this is listed on the Washington USAPL homepage.

Here’s the brief:

“Powerlifting Training Camp & Seminar
USAPL President and Men’s and Women’s World Team coach will be holding a 3-day Training Camp and Seminar in Spokane, Wasington January 2-4, 2004.
Participation will be limited to only 10 participants, so sign up soon.
Click below for additional information.”

Dirtydan, I agree that if I had to choose between the two I would go to a Westside seminar, no contest. But, if Patricia will not be able to attend a westside seminar due to location problems then I think she could certainly benefit from attending this seminar. Sorry, that was all I meant to point out.

No prob. Peyton

Patricia, for what it’s worth - yesterday I asked a friend of mine, Monique Hartle, about training with Mr. Maile (she knows him and is a powerlifter herself). She highly recommended any opportunity you can get to work with him.

The quest you’re on is finding the best program for you and your goals, not whether it fits under the “Westside” or any other label. Westside’s great, but does it (or any other system) have all the ‘stuff’ you need for you? Only you can decide…

If it sounds like fun, if’s it’s affordable, if it’s convenient, go for it. Maybe you’ll find something new, maybe it’ll further confirm Westside techniques, maybe a little of both. Only one way to find out.

Let us know…

T.E. Young

foobar, point taken. Thanks!

I’m contacting Priscilla today to see if there’s still room for wee me. And to also discuss this camp with her. THEN I gotta check and see what airfare is; usually not bad, around $100 total R/T.