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Washington Post Article


"The American convoy tried to turn around, but Iraqi cars blocked the way and people waved the soldiers down an alternative, dirt route along the Tigris nicknamed "Smugglers' Road."

The previous passage is from this article (which is worth reading):

As soon as I read it, my sphincter puckered because I knew what was about to happen. To any small unit leaders out there who may be going to Iraq, I want to send this message:

DO NOT let Iraqis direct you where they want you to go. You have two viable options. First, go a different route (force your way if you have to). Second, dismount and bust the imminent ambush/ied that awaits you down that particular "Smuggler's Road."

Do not just walk or drive through kill zones. Do not assume that any Iraqi can be trusted with your life and the lives of your men.



Great article, thanks for that.