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Washing Off Oil, Reducing Fat Content?


A freind of mine, who is a total health freak (in the making)approached me with an interesting question today. We both eat these roasted green peas that we get from Sprouts Farmers Market, they are roasted with non hydrogenated canola oil and salt.

So he asks me "what if i rinsed these peas in water for a few seconds just to remove the oil? Do you think it would reduce the fat content?" He said after he did it the texture was the same and still maintained there crunch. In other words, they were still edible and not all mushy like i thought they would be. So what do you guys think? Can you actually wash off oil from foods like this to decrease fat content?


Yes, you should wash all of your food.


I don't like your friend


If you're worried about the fat content, then why not try making your own?



It seems easy enough and you can control the amount of fat. You can also do this with chickpeas.


Roasting your own peas is an awesome idea and activity. Thanks for posting


Maybe most of the oil on the outside, prolly nothing on the inside that saturated the foodstuff.


You wash already cooked food?

more forum pollution from you.


the oil is probably to let the salt stick to it. I wouldn't think it's too significant. Plus, you'd wash the yummy salt off.

relatedly, if you're frying ground beef, then draining the oil and then "washing" it in hot water can remove most of the fat, making it the equivalent of super lean ground beef. But the consistency would go all to hell so it would only work if you're preparing like a casserole in or mystery meat in a school cafeteria.


Teflon coated frying pan. Shit's magic.


can you explain?


I think for easy clean up(?)


I don't get why you'd want to wash off the fat...



Not sure why it took so long for someone to post this. At first I was thinking, that's pretty smart...he's washing off canola oil. Perhaps he's realized how much better olive oil, or coconut oil,...oh wait...just more irrational fat-phobia =(


make your own with olive oil.


Not much of a fan of hydrogenated oils, so probably not a bad idea to try and remove it from the food. Nut sure how helpful using water to wash oil off will help though, but who knows. If concerned about fats causing weight gain, it might not be that simple, as I was reading this morning.

"Why high fat diets may not be fattening"