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Washing My Gear


So I dont want to spend the $ to by inzers fancy soap, What is the best way to wash my gear


Buy Titan's Powerwash instead!


I hear boiling it in sugar works real well.

Just make sure you get the pot real hot, throw your suit in, then pour about a cup of sugar on it,
THEN add water.

Pay special attention to the last 3 words of the previous sentence.


Hand wash in your sink with WOOLITE, rinse well and air dry.




Yes. Treat it like a delicate pair of lingere.

Just pony up and buy Powerwash.

What's the big deal? By the time you go buy Woolite you're already there.


What about for Rehbands, any special way to clean those?


With my Kono's, I turn them inside out and rinse them off with cold water after every use. Works great. Rehbands are more porous though so when they get funky, just wash them cold with regular detergent.


Washing the gear really changes the suit... I recommend getting an anti-bacterial febreeze and spraying it after a use


mist with some febreeze or anti-bacterial anti MRSA spray and let air in the open breeze on a clothes line in the sun n' fresh air.