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Washer & Dryer Recommendations?


Currently looking for a washer & dryer for the new house.

Would be nice if I could find both for under $1,000, but am willing to spend up to $1,500 if necessary.

Currently it's just washing/drying for one. But one day hope to have a family of 4.

Have been going back and fourth on front load washer VS top load washers. Many say the smell from front load washers if you don't leave the door open after washines and clean out the left over water residue is horrible.

Some say that they are prone to tearing the linning. A lot say top load is the way to go. I'm sure there are pros & con to both.

Energy efficient is a must.



Why are we asking about home appliances?

can't you go to sears?

whats next?
how about window treatments?


You are not going to find a (decent) set of top loads for under $1500. Go to Lowe's, Sears, etc, do some shopping around.

Whirlpool is the best, but Whirlpool also now makes Maytag and Kenmore.

GE isn't bad.

Samsung isn't bad, but takes forever for parts, and is a PITA to get a repairman for.

Frigidaire sucks ass, they also make Kenmore Elite.

LG also sucks ass, there is no long term repair history for them.

As for the funny smell in the front loads, if you leave the washer door cracked open just a bit, the residual water will evaporate.

Front loads use ~70% less water, a lot less electricity (they spin out so fast, the dryer only runs for 25 or 30 minutes), and they wash your clothes better.

Any other Q's? BTW, I work at lowe's, selling appliances.


I have a Kenmore front loader and it rocks.

Washes much larger loads, uses less water and detergent and clothes are spun nearly dry. Well worth the extra cost IMO.

I haven't had an odor issue but I generally leave the door open a bit.


Well that sucks ass.

I bought a Frigidaire front load set this summer when my 20+ year old Maytag set finally gave up the ghost.

We love it, but you have to factor in what we have to compare it against. Uses a ton less water and electricity, too. I couldn't bring myself to spend the extra $400 for the base cabinets, but my wife has been complaining more and more about having to bend down too far to load and unload clothes.

So I'm going to spend this weekend seeing if I can coble together a wood stand that works as well and costs less than 30-40 bucks.


go to http://www.epinions.com/
you can read reviews and get prices from different stores.


Frigidaires suck ass based on what? Oh, because you work at Lowes and they don't sell them.