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Wasabi'd Tuna!

Just thought I’d post a great Tuna recipe. I was bored and dreading the smell and taste of my canned tuna last night, when I spotted some leftover wasabi from the local sushi place. Willing to try anything to hide the taste of Canned Tuna, I dropped in a tbsp. or so of wasabi and mixed it up…survey says: BING!. It was AWESOME!

Sounds awesome to me. Its kinda like sushi. I would make some of that sticky rice get some seaweed and either make like a sushi salad, or chirachi dish. You are a genious. Thanks for the idea. Too bad im lazy and wont do any of this since i dont mind canned tuna =(

This is how I eat my tuna:


I love this way… so easy, so simple. No more water!!!

Try tuna with tobasco sauce, or if you can get something called cajun sunshine sauce. It is awesome