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Was This a Wasted Set?


you will probably say i am overthinking, but from a precise effeciency sort of standpoint i wonder if my last set had any purpose.
i was doing pullups, adding weight and keeping my reps down to 3 to avoid fatigue. but when i got to fourty pounds i did five reps. then i rested and lowered to weight to get some volume and burn my lats. but i only got five reps.
comparing five reps with 20 pounds to five reps with 40, isnt that just a waste of effort?


No, not at all.

Now stop thinking so much and keep getting stronger :wink:


No, you did work. Like beans said stop thinking so much about it.


Building muscle doesn't happen by creating some magical formula of exact sets and reps and training volume...

Muscle is built through hard work and progressive overload. If you strained and sweat and forced your muscles to do more than they could last time, then you've given them a reason to get stronger.