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Was the Moon Landing a Hoax?


Lots of arguments pro and con. What say all of you? (I lean toward 'no').


I would like to hear some credible 'pros' saying it was a hoax...all the arguments I've ever heard for that position have been ridiculous.


I'd be interested in what the "9/11" guys think...



Careful, Buzz will punch you in the face!


A hoax? No. A complete scam and waste of taxpayer money? Most definitely.


I read somewhere that the astronauts put mirrors on the moon so that scientists can target them with lasers, all for the purpose of proving that they'd been there. Doesn't our government think that we would trust them? :wink:


If it were even plausible that it was a hoax the Soviets would have been first in line to prove it. Nobody's convincing me their intelligence community wouldn't have known.


Didn't they recently find the landing site on the moon and have pictures of it?


Good point!


Spare us your bullshit. The space program is one of the greatest achievements in this country's history.



What has it achieved?

And why were people made to pay for it who had more pressing problems?

For the higher glory of the empire?


We agree on something!!!!


The reason for the mirrors is that they enable laser rangefinding so as to be able to measure the distance to the Moon (or rather the specific point of the mirrors) to rather extreme precision. I forget what but it's something like an inch.

The reason that is of interest is that the Moon's distance is variable, not only in the sense of consistent variation in each orbit, but a very gradual long term effect. Eventually it will be considerably further from the Earth than it is now. (This has to do with tidal drag, conservation of angular momentum, and the slowing of the Earth's rotation.)

Being able to track distance precisely is therefore of scientific interest.


It wasn't your achievement -- and neither was it an achievement of "this country" but rather those people more intelligent than you and everyone else. Just like taking glory in all those sporting events that you did not participate in but rather watched on TV. It makes you feel good but at the end of the day you're still a loser.

But by all means believe what ever helps you feel good, simpleton.


Most likely its metric.



Of course, it is also possible that these examples are just a step in the process to fill the heads of future generations with lies.


Mythbusters already did this a while ago.


There you go again.

It has achieved the exquisite pleasure of inducing envy and begrudging respect from citizens of second rate countries who spend their time on internet forums displaying their obsessive preoccupation with belittling the accomplishments of the United States. That alone would have been worth the resources spent on the space program. However, as a bonus, numerous now mundane civilian technologies, including some in the machine you're staring at right now were born or greatly enhanced in our glorious space program.

This is the part where you snap your fingers angrily and grit your teeth glaring at the floor mumbling obscenities about being spanked by the evil Americans again.


Most def it was faked to give the Ruskies the ultimate "up yours buddy". Supposedly their computer power was less than what is in a basic math calculator. Plus we now have the Hubble which can look deep into space and see "the origins of the universe" and all sorts of incredible shit that happened a zillion light years ago. Pull in the focus a tad and you should be able to see the grains of sand on the moon, let alone some discarded space paraphenalia.

Pix from the Hubble or it never happened.



This will have to do. http://www.spaceflightnow.com/news/n0907/17lroapollo/ I can't believe this is still being questioned. Not even Orion denies that it happened.