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Was the Belfort vs Johnson fight Fixed?


I have been hearing rumors of this fight being fixed. I watched the fight, and what happened was, johnson kept getting belfort down, but the ref, after only a few seconds, would stand them back up. Johnson was working when this occurred. Everyone knows that Belfort is a stand up fighter, with only decent ground skills. Johnson was controlling belfort on the ground. till finally, after 3 or more fast standups, belfort finally caught johnson with some punches and finished him.

Another terrible call was the DQ of Erik Silver. Guys are using the no hitting behind the head rule blatently. Guys will turn their head, to avoid getting hit. I'm sorry, if you turn your head to avoid getting hit, and you get hit in the back of the head, tough shit. don't turn your head then. there was no point deduction, just a dq. But the ufc is treating this as a win for silver, regardless of what the official result was. he will be getting paid his win bonus, as well he should.


First time they were stood up it was actually Belfort who was punching from the bottom and AJ didn't do much, not really trying to pass and not punching either. Then AJ shot for a takedown and the situation stalled by the cage. 2nd time they were stood up AJ was workin, so you could make argument that it was a bit early. Then Vitor beat him and choked him out. I've seen refs do dumber shit than that and I don't see any reason other than Dana and co. obviously being pissed at Rumble having missed weight about a million times by quite a few pounds. Actually refs favoring the man fighting in his home country happens quite a lot, not only in boxing but in MMA too. Take a look at Barboza - Pearson from the last Brazilian event for example, probably not a fixed fight or fixed decision but many tought the wrong man walked away with decision.

As for Mr. "Silver", I agree with most of what you said.


I a little bit thought the Vitor johnson fight was working a bit when stood up.

The thing with Silva getting DQed was Yamasaki could have looked at the replay himself and refined his decision. Hasn't video replay affected decisions in Football (North American) and hockey since who knows when? Or is it that the referee has to be arms length removed from who pays the cameraman, as far as the athletic commission is concerned?


Oh, Barboza definatly lost that fight against Pearson. I couldn't believe how bad that decision was. some say he lost his fight before that as well, against that guy, I forget his name.

Hey, look at Bones Jones, his only defeat is a DQ. He destroyed hammil, yet the stupid elbow rule, which makes no sense at all, caused him to lose. But, just like Fedor was, Jones is considered undefeated. Nobody has even come close to jones yet.


currently, they do not have instant replay while the fight is still going on. they look at it after the fight is over. What gets me are guys abusing that no hit behind the head rule. guys will turn their heads, only exposing the back, so the guy can't hit them. thats total bull crap. just like the can't knee a downed opponent.


Wtf have you even SEEN barboza-pearson?

Barboza won, plain and simple. It was a great effort from Pearson, but it was Barboza landing the majority of clean strikes, not to mention countering fantastically while being pushed back the whole fight and dropping Pearson in the 2nd round.

It was a split decision, what is there to bitch about?


seemed like something had gone on for sure, and clearly as everyone seemed to notice it. I thought maybe because AJ missed weight (and looked BIG) that someone had spoken to the ref and said 'dont let this american whose missed weight manhandle vitor in front of his home crowd'.

I mean when they grappled AJ looked strong, but as soon as it went to the feet he looked out of his element.
And Joe Rogan normally flips when fighters are stood up early, yet he didn't give much reaction even though they seemed to be extreme examples. Weird fight


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no fucking way Pearson deserved a win and I thought it was fair that it was a split decision.


First, I watch all the fights. So yes, i did see the fight. that knockdown you mention, was the only time in which barboza actually did anything to pearson. Pearson was the aggressor the whole fight. landing way more shots. I thought he won. it was a close fight, I agree.


NO it wasn't fixed and that is hugely disrespectful to two professional fighters. Were the standups pretty quick, yes. (Rogan did actually comment on this). Johnson wasn't working when they were stood up, Vitor was. I actually was a bit pissed off about the standups because Vitor had Johnson well set up for a triangle on one of them, he was just waiting for Johnson to move his arm back a bit further looking for a strike.

Another point to say that Vitor has only 'decent' ground skills is a bit of a joke. He's had a black belt in BJJ longer than you have even known what BJJ was. Having rolled with him I can assure you his skills are more than decent.

Now the DQ, I agree it was the wrong decision (having had the benefit of the replay) At the time, watching it live, I thought the strikes were going to the back of the head. Ref made a mistake, Rogan called him on it.


Maybe this is a case of your trained eye vs my untrained eye, but I didn't think Barboza was landing clean. I recall Pearson applying plenty of pressure, blocking and slipping most of the shots, and landing a little more. When I saw the decision, I was under the impression the judges got swayed by Edson's (very ineffective) flashiness.

@Rogue: yes I think Mirgi was influenced. Those standups were faster than the ones Big John used to do. All were around 30sec, and the inactivity in question, while present, really didn't amount to that long. The separation against the cage was particularly bad, since AJ was working on taking out the feet.

Bad bad calls, though it probably wouldn't have stopped AJ from gassing in the second or third.