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Was T2 pulled?

Is it true that the original version of T2 was pulled off market. What is difference between new and old if this is true.

Yes, its true. The new one can be used year round. There is an article on this in T-Mag. The former seems to be the most potent though, but must be cycled. Probably why the FDA halted further production. The original T2 can be found at online shops. I just e-mailed one asking if they plan to carry it for another month or so. They said they will have it for another couple of months, at least.

BigD, could you pass the names on of those sites that carry the old version ,I’ve been looking .Thanks in advance.

Sure, I’ll give up my source for a fello T-Man, but lets keep it internal. This will be my first cycle and if I like it I plan on purchacing a few more. So… without further ado, for my fellow T-Men and Vixens, the site I found a good supply at was www.netrition.com. Good site, good prices.