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Was: Soundproof training mats.

Dude, saw your suggestion for a lifting platform, and checked out the article. Looks good. However I find the instructions somewhat illegible.[p]
Have you built such a platform, or know someone who has? My questions are:[p]

  1. Does the platform actually need a base piece that is in contact FLAT with the ground. It’s dificult to describe, but basically what I’m trying to work out is whether the centre and side-fillings are just dropped into the supporting platform, and have contact with the floor directly, or is there a flat piece of wood(s) at the bottom of it all, in contact with the floor and connected to the “box” base?(i.e. you vould then lift the platform, and the internal cushions/support would go with it being held in by this base. Do you see what I’m asking?[p]
  2. What’s a horse mat (excuse my ignorance). IS it a rubber mat, or one of those coarse fake-horse hair like mats that you use to wipe your shoes? I thought the latter- it seems to make sense to dull the noise, but not in the middle where a good foot grip is required!Please correct me?[p]
    Thanks for the info. SRS